Horse Racing Betting Tips and Strategies India


Horse Racing Betting Tips IndiaEvery gambler that places a wager on the horse racing betting markets is hoping that they enjoy the thrill of having a winner. However, there is more to betting on the sport than just picking the horse that has the best name. Instead, gamblers looking at how to win betting on horse racing should consider all of these horse racing betting tips before making a wager with one of the best Indian bookies available online.

Pick A Leading Indian Horse Racing Bookie

Before even looking at the top horse racing betting tips in India, gamblers should first ensure that they sign up to one of the leading sites. There are a number of reasons that gamblers should look for the best sportsbook. One of the main reasons is the horse racing betting tips for free, which ensures that customers are rewarded for signing up for an account.

The sportsbook reviews that we list on our site all excel when offering the top horse racing markets in India. As well as this, the leading sportsbooks will also offer a huge number of markets to utilise the free horse racing bet tips available. Furthermore, the leading sites will also offer the best odds in the industry, which means that horse racing betting tips and strategies will be more profitable with a leading sportsbook.

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Understand The Different Terrains

The surface that races are run on is often different depending on the country that you’re betting on. For instance, horse racing betting tips and prediction in India for bets made on racing in the United States will typically see races run on dirt. Meanwhile, the most popular races in Europe, such as the Grand National and the Arc are both ran on turf.

Gamblers must be aware that horses that excel over dirt will not excel over turf. Some races are also run on an all-weather track, which certain horses will excel on compared to the dirt and turf. Gamblers should also be aware that some races are run over a flat distance, while other races will see horses run over hurdles or fences.

Reading The Race Card

Race cards are essential reading for all gamblers before making a horse racing bet. On this race card, gamblers will be able to see the stall number, weight, record and age of each horse involved in the race. As well as this, you will also be able to see the trainer and owner of the horses involved.

These are essential bits of information, as certain trainers have better records over certain races. That means that if Bob Baffert has a good record in the Kentucky Derby, then you are more likely to bet on one of his horses in that big race.

Breaking Down The Race Card

While the race card will tell you important pieces of information that is needed before betting on horse racing, you will still need to look into some of the information. The most important factor is the form. You should look at the races that horses have won, which includes looking at whether they were Graded/Grouped races and the distance that they won over.

This is vital reading, as a horse with a win over two miles may not be a good bet if they are running over a shorter or longer distance in their next race. Meanwhile, you should also look at more detail at the weight of the horse, and weigh up the pros and cons. For instance, heavier horses will have more of a disadvantage on the heavy ground as they will need to carry more weight than the other horses.

Win/Each Way Betting

The best horse racing betting tips will likely focus on either the win or each-way market. The win market will be the best way to bet on a horse that is a shorter price in the market, while the each-way market is better value if you’re looking to make a wager on a dark horse in the race.

The main reason for this is due to the fact that each-way odds are 1/3 should your selection finish second or third. The leading sportsbooks also offer a bigger number of places for each-way betting when it comes to the biggest races of the season such as the Kentucky Derby, Grand National and Arc.

Multiple Bets

Multiple bets are extremely popular when it comes to making wagers on sports such as American Football, soccer or basketball. However, there are more interesting multiple options for gamblers looking for tips for horse racing bets. The most common horse racing tips and tricks that gamblers often opt for are Lucky 15 and Yankees.

These multiples will see gamblers will some returns on their selection, providing that one selection wins. However, there is a larger stake required for these multiple bets. For example, a Lucky 15 will consist of four selection, and 15 bets, which means $1 on each line will mean that this is a $15 bet.

Find The Best Betting Odds

More so than any other sport, horse racing is about getting the best possible odds for your selection. That means that you will need to compare various sportsbooks before making bets using the best tips and guide for online horse racing betting in India. After deciding which horse you want to bet on, you should look at the different sportsbooks to find the best odds for the selection that you want to make.

This will ensure that you make your wager on the best horse racing betting tips at the best possible odds, and will therefore win more on your potential returns than you would elsewhere.