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Our goal is to provide the most up-to-date and relevant information to readers who are looking for the best experience in online casinos. Our dedicated staff has years of experience in the online gambling industry, and as such know all the casino ins and outs. This level of familiarity and knowledge allows us to compile the most detailed casino guides, casino reviews, casino news updates, casino bonus information, and much more.

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Brief Casino History

So when did gambling in the general start? The Chinese played games with numbers, which became so popular they financed wars and built the Great Wall of China with the tax from it! That pretty much put what we now know as Keno and the Lottery on the map.  The Romans threw slaves to their Gladiators and then bet on who would survive. Egyptian witch doctors threw heaps of sticks and stones and bet on odd or even when rudimentary dice were thrown. Gambling has been with us for centuries!

The world’s oldest casino is apparently the “Casino di Venezia” in Venice, Italy, which opened its doors back in 1638, and still operates today. Casinos took hold from then on. In the early 1900’s labourers on the east coast of the USA built railroad tracks to link Vegas with Pacific coast cities like LA, San Francisco, and then inland to Salt Lake City which resulted in Las Vegas staking its claim as the gambling destination.

The online casino experience is very different from the real-world gambling one the history knew and loved. Almost all of the most popular real-world casino games have been translated to the digital realm, so experienced gamblers should have no problem finding their favourite games. Whether it be slots, online poker, roulette, or a variety of others, there are infinite options available all over the internet.

How Are Our Reviews Compiled?

Here at Sportbetting India, we have a global staff and talented reviewers with years of casino experience, meaning we are able to offer an unmatched perspective on the ins and outs of casino play. We have developed a review format that allows us to touch on the most important aspects of an online casino’s quality.

To compile our recaps of each of these aspects our reviewers spend time digging into a site and exploring all the digital nooks and crannies they can find. This allows them to become intimately familiar with the workings of not only the site but the company behind it (something that is supplemented with further web research).

When it comes to functionality and gameplay, we playtest games in a number of different categories, which allows us to form first-hand impressions on how the games operate that we can then pass on to consumers. Our combination of practical site usage and meticulous research into internet casinos as well as the companies behind them allows us to provide readers with reviews that are both exhaustive and informative.

Online Casino Gaming

Get your piece of the action at your favourite casino whenever and wherever you fancy some fun online. With ever-changing technology, online casino players can enjoy gaming from their PC, tablet, smartphone, and other mobile devices. Most online sites cover all the available platforms: Android, iOS, and Windows. Banking systems offer a variety of payment options to players from around the globe - including the newest cryptocurrencies. Deposit and play your favourite casino games online no matter where you are! Live Casinos, Table Games, Slots, Live Dealers, and Bingo can be found wherever your devices take you.


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