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Although not as globally recognized as cricket, kabaddi is also an exciting and popular sport in India. As a traditional contact team event, Kabaddi taps into the passion and competitive spirit of players as they battle to score points. It's a battle of stamina and strategy for the player who wants to take charge, raid the opposing team, and tag as many players without being tackled down.

Now, this competitive nature of the sport moves beyond the court and into the sportsbooks. Today, kabaddi betting is growing in popularity and also offers lucrative payouts for the punters who are ready, informed, and have access to the best Indian sportsbooks. If you want to take part in this sporting spectacle, make sure you understand the rules, know the popular bets, and choose the right sportsbook where you can enjoy premium kabaddi online betting.

We aim to help you make sense of the game and more importantly, we can guide you in choosing the best Indian sportsbook for your needs and provide you with kabaddi betting tips.

Online Kabaddi Betting Sites In India 2024

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How a Team Wins and Scores in Kabaddi Matches

Kabaddi Betting Online in IndiaIn this highly competitive game, there are two teams competing, with seven players. A rectangular court serves as the playing area, divided into two sections. The objective in kabaddi is for a player from the offence team (the raider) to run into the opposing team's side of the court and tag as many players as possible without being tagged or tackled. A point is given to the raiding team for every player tagged and the opposing team gets to score if the raider is stopped. To understand the basics, make sure to read through the kabaddi betting guide for beginners

If you're interested to follow and bet on this sport, it's important that you know how each team scores and win. These kabaddi betting tips and information are helpful in deciding what type of bet to play.

What are the Different Ways to Bet on Kabaddi?

Just like in cricket or other popular sports, betting on kabaddi requires an understanding of the teams, players, and their forms. Of the different types of kabaddi betting types, the most popular approach is to place your bets ahead of the match-up. In online sports betting, we call this as pre-match betting which is a popular arrangement in many top Indian sportsbooks. Here, the main objective of your bet is to predict the outcome of the match. You can rely on the major types of bets when betting on kabaddi. Described below are the most popular betting types available online:

Pre-Match Betting

In this type of match betting, you submit your wager days or even weeks in advance. As a popular way to bet, you can bet on the winner of the match, the number of points a team can collect, and play Over/Under. As soon as the match begins, you can no longer submit your bets in a sportsbook. What you can do is to track the scores and wait until the end of the match to know if you win the bet or not.

Live or In-Play Betting

Compared to pre-match betting, this type of kabaddi league betting allows you to place your bets during the game. However, the types of bets to play are slightly different. Instead of simply betting on the winner of the game, the in-play betting arrangement allows you to look at single instances in a game. For example, in one popular Indian sportsbook, you can bet if a raid on the other team will be successful, or if the defence will win, or how many points will be scored by the team in the next half. Here, you need to pay attention to the team form, statistics, and the changes in momentum.

Also, for the purpose of in-play betting, sportsbooks will update the kabaddi betting odds and options in real-time. To improve your chances in in-play kabaddi league betting, you should have access to a live stream or a score tracker that's updated in real-time.

Outright Kabaddi Betting

Both the pre-match and the live betting arrangements allow you to focus on a specific match and bet on propositions. However, outright betting takes a different approach since the attention is on the final result of the tournament. For example, you will bet on what team will end up as the champion of the tournament of the league. In this type of kabaddi league betting, you place your outright bets in advance.

How to Start Betting On Kabaddi?

Knowing the rules of the game and the popular pro kabaddi betting arrangement is just the start. You need to cover some ground including an understanding of some kabaddi betting tips and the choice of a sportsbook.

One critical step is choosing the right sportsbook in India where you can read about teams, track scores, and place bets. There are dozens of sportsbooks out there, and each website offers a specific set of features, bonuses, and services.

When faced with options, it's best to compare based on bonuses, customer support, and site security. Alternatively, you can check out our recommendations for the best online kabaddi betting sites where you can bet real money. By reading through Indian sportsbooks reviews on our website, you get access to all the action in different kabaddi leagues, ranging from amateur to professional across Pakistan, India, and other countries. Besides our sportsbook recommendations, we also offer kabaddi betting tips that can guide in selecting and placing your bets.