Play Sic Bo At The Best Real Money Casinos In India


Sic Bo Casinos IndiaSic Bo is a game that can be played at real money casinos in India. In fact, almost all online casinos for real money in India offer this exciting and easy game. Excitingly, you can play Sic Bo online in India at the various top Sic Bo casinos in India, for free or for real money.

We have decided to come up with a guide to online Sic Bo so as to show you how to play and win Sic Bo. Read more below.

History Of Sic Bo

Sic Bo means "precious dice" in English and the game originated in China. Although the true origins of the game are not known, the game was made popular in China and is about a thousand years old.

Because of that, the game is very popular in Asia. Over the years, the popularity of Sic Bo soared and now, you can play Sic Bo for real money online. What's even more exciting is the fact that you can play Sic Bo at mobile casinos as well. The game, which is played using three dice, has also gained many fans at best real money casinos in India.

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Rules Of Sic Bo

This game, which is available at Indian Sic Bo casinos, comes with it's on simple rules. Following these simple rules will mean that you know the basics of the game, and can play free casinos in India as soon as you are ready. The great thing is that there are many no deposit bonuses that you can claim at free play casinos in India. This allows you to practise and hone your skills, enabling you to win at Sic Bo online.

Now, let's look at the Sic Bo rules that you should be aware of.

  • There is a betting table where you must place your bets
  • All 3 dices will be in a closed box, also known as a chest
  • You must shake the chest and the dealer will open it to show the outcome
  • You win in the event that you have managed to roll your bet
  • Small and Big are the most common wagers in the game
  • You bet on the outcome being either between 4 and 10, or 11 and 17

Tips For Playing Sic Bo

If you choose the best real money casinos to play Sic Bo, you should know that this is purely a game of chance. That means Sic Bo strategies may improve your chances of winning without, however, influencing the outcome. Below, we give you a few tips to win at Sic Bo.

1. Always bet on Big or Small

Doing that ensures that you have low risk and that your probabilities are high

2. Combination bets are the best

This is because they come with low house edges, which tips the odds in your favour.

3. Never make triple bets

Doing that means you only have a 0.55% probability of winning, and the risk is very high.

4. Avoid Foolish Bets

These come with higher house edges and are difficult to hit.

Advantages Of Playing Sic Bo

Playing at Indian Sic Bo casinos brings you a lot of advantages. Even If you decide to play at smartphone Sic Bo casinos, you still get to reap the benefits. Let's discuss them below.

  • Sic Bo At Free Play CasinosThere is convenience brought about by playing online Sic Bo. This is because you get to play at your PC or a smartphone at your own time and in the comfort of your home, car, or office. 
  • There are many free play casinos in India. This means that you get to play Sic Bo for free. Playing Sic Bo at free play casinos enables you to practise all Sic Bo variations and choose the one you're best at. This is why free play Sic Bo online is very popular in India.
  • You can play Sic Bo on mobile devices, without the need to download any Sic Bo app. This is because many Sic Bo casinos are mobile responsive.

Is Sic Bo Legal in India?

There are no known laws prohibiting playing Sic Bo for real money in India. This makes the game safe at all Sic Bo casinos.

How To Choose The Best Sic Bo Online Casino In India?

Before you can go ahead and start playing this online casino game, there are certain aspects that you should look at. Careful research ensures that you have an enhanced gaming experience and that you receive your winnings without any delays.

Here is how you can choose the best Sic Bo casino in India:

  • Always check to see if the casino is licensed and regulated. This ensures that the Sic Bo games are fair and that you will not be duped out of your money.
  • Check to see if the casino offers bonuses and promotions that have realistic wagering requirements.
  • Make sure you look to see if there are various banking methods on offer. A great casino must accept different payment options so as to cater to all players.
  • There must be a responsive customer support team to attend to your queries anytime, via a number of ways such as e-mail, live chat, and telephone.
  • The casino must be mobile responsive or offer a casino app, which allows you to enjoy your favourite Sic Bo game anytime, from anywhere.

You can play at the best Sic Bo casinos in India for a chance to win real money. The game is so easy to play and can be accessed on most mobile devices. Therefore, make sure you sign up today at any legit Sic Bo online casino and get started.