Enjoy Football Betting Online In India


Association Football or soccer is still the most popular sport and for the right reasons. Thanks to its global fan base, popular football stars, and competitive tournaments, the 'beautiful game' is still well-loved by hundreds of millions of fans and players. Today, you can easily follow the best football teams as they participate in many tournaments and events. It's also widely covered by the top Indian sportsbooks. Thanks to these websites, you can follow the teams and bet on their matches to win lucrative payouts.

Now is the best time to become a football fan. The game is expertly covered online and you can easily bet on football matches. And if you're lucky, you can even collect lucrative bonuses and free bets that you can use to play your football betting.

But before you enjoy the opportunities offered by the sports betting industry, it's important that you understand how football bets work.

Best Football Betting Online Sportsbooks In India 2024

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Football Betting Options You Can Play

As interest in football betting continues to increase, the leading Indian sportsbooks have evolved to cater to the changing requirements of punters. Yes, you can still place your football bet on a result of a match or the 'outright', however, these are not the only betting football options available for you. If you're looking for a more challenging live football experience, you need to pay close attention to the other betting markets offered by popular Indian sportsbooks. Let's take a look at the available football betting types that you can enjoy online:

Individual Goal Scorer

Here, you place a football bet on the player who can submit the highest score.

Multiple Goals

This is another football bet you can play if you're confident in the skills of a player. The idea here is to place your money on a player who scores multiple goals in a certain match.

Correct Score

Betting on football online in IndiaIf you're confident about the teams and their forms, then you can bet on the correct score at the end of the match.

Aside from these popular football bets, you can also play Both Teams to Score and the Number of Goals. And when you try the in-play betting arrangement, you get access to a diverse selection of football betting markets. Some of the popular in-play bets you can explore are next to score, next team to score a goal and first half result. The variety of bets to play will depend on the chosen sportsbook. If you're after an exciting football betting experience, then now is the right time to sign up and submit your bets.

Study Football Odds Before Making a Bet

Although you can choose from a long list of football bets, it isn't recommended that you randomly submit a wager. Sure, you can always back your favourite player or team. However, sports betting is different from simply watching the match unfolds. In football betting, you're putting your money on a player, a team, or an outcome, thus you want to win or at least minimize a loss. One way to improve your chances in live football betting is to read, compare, and analyze the football odds.

So what are football betting odds and why should you care?

In sportsbooks, you will have a list of betting markets to play which include the teams, the schedule, and at least three outcomes: Team A to win, Draw, or Team B to win. Aside from the match schedule, you'll also find numbers beside the possible match outcomes. These are called your football betting odds and in most Indian sportsbooks, they are represented as decimals. You can also find other sportsbooks that display the football betting odds in other formats like fractional and moneyline. Whichever format is used, the role of football odds remains the same.

You can use the odds to tell the probability of an event happening and can be used to calculate your potential payout. Based on the general rules, the lower the odds, the higher the chance that it will happen. The odds can also offer you insights on the potential payouts that you can collect if you win. The published football betting odds can help you decide on what bet to play and on which site.

Choose the Best Indian Sportsbook for Football Betting

Your choice of the next sportsbook should not be limited by game coverage or the types of bets available. For a more lucrative sports betting experience, you should also compare sportsbooks based on the quality of published football odds available. As a rule, don't just bet on football without learning more about the odds. Before you place your bet, compare, and analyze the odds. It also helps if you can sign up for an account in at least two sportsbooks.

By maintaining multiple bookie accounts, it's easier for you to track and compare the published odds. In football betting, it's called 'line shopping' and it's an integral requirement if you're looking to boost your chances online. Signing for a sportsbook account is free so there's no reason why you should skip this step.

Are you still clueless about where to place your bets? Check out our list of the best Indian sportsbooks reviews. All recommended websites are professionally examined, safe and reliable.