Play Online Roulette At Real Money Casinos In India

There is hardly anything that matches the excitement of playing roulette online at real money casinos. It is the perfect entertainer, with good strategizing opportunities, good payouts, and simple rules. Anyone familiar with the physical casino version of the game will not find it very difficult to get started with the online counterpart.

How To Play Roulette Online?

Roulette Real Money Casinos IndiaOnce you have understood the basic operations, roulette is one of the simpler casino games. Here is a step-by-step breakdown of all the processes involved in playing top roulette online.

Step #1 – Identify The Best Online Casino

The first step would be to identify a casino website that you are comfortable with. You can do basic research on the particular site and know the details about security, transactions, and the likes. With our list of the best Indian casino reviews, your search will be much easier. Thereafter, you can register on the site to get started.

Step #2 – Place Your Bets

Once you are on the roulette page of an online casino, you are ready to place your first bet. For this, you would be expected to choose the chip size to define the bet. Once that is done, all you have to do is click on the table layout to confirm the wager. There are different kinds of bets you can engage in. For instance, the Straight Up bet places the wager on a single number with odds of 35:1.

Step #3 – Dealer Spins The Bell

Once the bets are placed, ideally the dealer spins the wheel. On an online casino, you can click on the ‘Spin’ button and get the wheels moving. The ball is dropped on the spinning device. This is followed by a wait for the wheels to stop and for the ball to land in a particular pocket of the wheel.

Step #4 – Figuring Out The Outcome

When the ball stops and settles, your fortunes are decided. If it lands in the same place that you have predicted, it is a winning moment for you. The results also depend upon the kind of bet you engaged in. If you had placed multiple bets, then you have a higher chance of succeeding.

Step #5 – Collect Your Winnings

This is the last and final step in playing roulette online. If you have been lucky in your bets, this is where you collect your earnings. The computer or the dealer will transfer the winning amount to you.

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Strategies For Winning In Roulette

Roulette, indeed, is a game of chance. But there are some roulette tricks and tips that could help improve your chances of making the game a successful venture for you. These practices might not guarantee you a positive outcome, but they are sure to sharpen your Roulette skills to a great extent.

Play Free Games

Free games are underrated, but they could do wonders for your casino results. They are, as the name suggests, free and hence you cannot lose any money here. And what you gain is a lot of practice to sharpen your skills.

Irrespective of whether you are an experienced roulette enthusiast or a newbie, venturing into the world of online casinos, it is a good idea to start from free play online roulette games. With no fear of losing out on anything here, you can try out different variations of the game and learn about the rules in detail.

Know The Variants Well

It is important to know the different variations available for playing roulette online for real. Since the rules might vary a bit from one version to another, this knowledge could come in handy during the casino games. For instance, each type of roulette comes with a different house edge. You could use this difference to your advantage.

All you have to do is look for the version with the lowest house edge. This will effectively help you with a better outcome. Usually, the European versions have a more comfortable house edge for online roulette.

Start With Outside Bets

As a beginner in the world of online roulette, it is often a good idea to start with outside bets. Why is that so? Outside bets essentially cover a larger part of the casino wheel. This means, there is a higher chance that the number or combination you selected will come up.

In other words, the chances of you losing money here will be less. This is a good start. However, even though the odds are higher, the rewards are lower. They do not pay out very well. But if you are a newbie, this is a good place to start playing online Roulette for real.

The En Prison Rule

In all the best roulettes online, 0 is a unique number that does not fall under the even-odd bet coverage or the red-black coverage. Thus, if the ball lands on zero, you are less likely to benefit from that. This is where the "en prison rule" works to your advantage. With the help of this strategy, you could win back the money that was lost when the ball landed on 0. However, this rule is effective only for as long as the user placed a bet with 50-50 odds. For instance, if you placed a bet on the ball landing on an even or odd pocket or between the red and black pockets, then you could utilize this rule to your advantage.

Online Roulette Casino FAQ

How Many Numbers Do Roulette Work With?

The numbers involved in Roulette vary from one version to another. While the American version has 37 numbers, the European Roulette games have 38 owing to the extra zero. Mini Roulette games have 13 numbers only.

How Do You Interpret The Odds In Roulette?

Understanding Roulette odds are not very complicated. They are usually represented as x:1. This means, for every bet you place on the game, you win x. Let us consider a situation where you are betting with $1 on one number in online Roulette. The odds are placed at 35:1. So if the balls lands on the pocket you had bet on, you get back $1 for the bet and $35 for the winnings from the round.

Is It Possible To Bet On Both Red And Black Colours At The Same Time?

Yes, you can place multiple bets on red and black at the same time. But if you place your bet on red and black both, you are effectively nullifying the winning bet. You could end up winning nothing, especially if the ball lands on the green. The smarter option would be to opt for a combination of numbers in red and black for the best results.

What Can Be Considered As The Best Bet In Roulette?

Technically, there is nothing called the best bet in Roulette. In fact, this is difficult to establish in any casino game. However, you could play the bet that potentially is most beneficial to you. The bets with the higher odds prove to be useful here. This could involve placing bets on a single number, or a combination of two or three numbers.