Betting on American Football in India

Betting on American Football in IndiaAmerican Football is one of the leading sports in the world, with the National Football League (NFL) as its most important league. The NFL boasts the highest overall attendance of any professional sports league and the Super Bowl event has regularly ranked as one of the most-watched club sporting events in the world. With its popularity among sports fans and players, it's no longer surprising to know that American-Football betting is alive and well. Although it fails to match the international popularity of basketball and baseball, online American Football still commands attention and respect among sports fans and punters.

The bulk of betting in this sport is focused on the professional side, particularly the NFL. One of the most popular leagues in the world, the NFL boasts 32 teams in participation, and these are divided into 8 divisions. Each participating team in the NFL is mandated to play 16 games during the regular season. Traditionally, the season runs for 17 weeks making it a relatively short season for a top-tier league.

But this short season and fewer teams in participation should not stop you from fully enjoying American Football betting. Betting on the NFL games can be exciting and several top online sportsbooks in India offer punters a wide range of betting possibilities. Adding excitement to the betting process is the availability of amateur football games. All these are possible if you sign up with a reputable sportsbook that covers the NFL and amateur football matches.

Top American Football Betting Sportsbooks In India 

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Betting on American Football India Made Easy

Is it easy to bet on the NFL or even collegiate football? No. Just like in other sports betting, you still need to understand the game, particularly on how to play American Football, learn what are the rules and regulations of American Football, and the basics of American Football betting rules. The good news is that on this site, we offer you a brief guide on how betting on football works. If you check our website, you will find American-Football tips that you can use in betting and recommendations on where you can place your bets.

Comparing the Best American Football Indian Betting Sites

To become successful in online American-Football betting, you must work with reputable sites. By working with a highly recommended sportsbook, you can confidently bet on football matches and enjoy the betting experience thanks to the availability of several tools and betting resources. This is the main reason why we take American Football betting sites seriously. On this website, we review and compare Indian sportsbooks based on several parameters including the ones described below.

  • Security and safety of the bookmakers. We make sure that the Indian sportsbooks that we list on this page are licensed to operate and boasts a fully-encrypted website. A site that's protected by SSL encryption will protect your personal and banking details at all times.
  • Support for mobile apps or mobile betting experience. We can be busy sometimes, and we want to bet on American Football or follow the scores even on-the-go. This is possible through the mobile sportsbook facility of the operator.
  • Wide variety of banking options. As a matter of policy, we only consider the sportsbooks that allow Indian Rupees as one of their primary currencies. Aside from this, we consider the available payment options that can be used to deposit or withdrawal transactions. Some of the most popular banking methods in Indian sportsbooks are Visa, Mastercard, Skrill, Neteller, and bank transfer.
  • Professional and reliable customer support services. We all want to work with a sportsbook that can offer complete and professional customer support. If possible, the services should be available 24/7 since we don't know when the problem will happen.

American Football Betting Types

You can enhance your American Football betting experience if you have a solid understanding of the different types of sports bets to play. Most betting shops online offer more than 200 betting markets. In this American-Football online betting guide, we focus on the most important bets that you can place online.

Points Spread

For many experienced punters, the Point Spread is the most popular and exciting betting market to follow. The sportsbook will provide a specific spread for each team, based on their decision on the possible outcome of the football game. For example, Team A is at +13.5 and Team B is at -13.5. If you put your money on Team A, it means that they should win by at least 14 points for you to collect a payout.

Here's another example to explain the point spread betting in online American-Football betting. Let's assume that the bookmaker announces a game between the Cowboys and the Redskins and the Indian bookmaker displays the betting line as Cowboys (-3.5) and Redskins (+3.5). Based on this line, the Cowboys are favoured. If you think that the Cowboys will win by more than 3.5 points, then you put your money on Dallas at -3.5.


This is another popular betting option in online American-Football betting. It works like a point spread wherein the sportsbook will identify the projected total number of points that both teams will collect, with a 50% chance that it will go over that number and an equal chance that the result will be under that number. For example, an Indian sportsbook will offer a 49.5 over/under points for a match between the Falcons and Cardinals. So your American-Football betting strategy is to decide whether the actual points production of the two teams will fall over or under the set points.


For many punters, this is the easiest way to place bets in American Football. This is just a head-to-head matchup between two teams and your task as the punter is to predict the team that will end up the winner. In short, in this American-Football live betting arrangement, you don't need to worry about the points or handicaps. Your concern is the team that will win.

Are You Ready to Bet on American Football?

Just like in learning how to bet on tennis online, American-Football betting requires complete preparation and the selection of the right sportsbook. If you're a beginner or you simply want to brush up your skills, check out our American-Football tips and tricks on betting. Our American-Football tips cover the most popular bets to play and complete guide on how to choose the right site for your American-Football online betting experience.