Best Sports Betting Sites In India 2021

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Sportbetting India is your go-to guide through the sports betting jungle in India. Online sports betting does not have to be confusing or frustrating. New or seasoned punters alike can take advantage of our top Indian sportsbooks recommendations and get started on the right foot on a fresh, fully legitimate and highly lucrative sports betting journey.

Find Best Online Betting Sites In India

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Why Choose Our Recommended Sportsbooks

Sports Betting Online For Real MoneyWe constantly offer detailed, step-by-step instructions on how to select the most reliable sports bookies, how to turn into a successful punter and lots of other insightful information for punters of all levels of preparation, skill and expertise. Expect clear answers to some of your most burning questions as a sports punter in India offered by experienced and talented technicians in the field.

We only focus on recommending top sports bookies that are fully compatible with punters in India who prefer to wager with Indian Rupee. Luckily, there are dozens of bookies that accept Indian gamblers, with loads of cricket betting, IPL, horse racing betting, and volleyball betting options dedicated to players in the country, as well as website availability in Hindi and English for extra convenience.

However, the more choices you are introduced to, the more confused and overwhelmed you may feel. To simplify things for you, we have personally tried, tested, compared and presented the best Indian betting site reviews here at Sportbetting India.

Our platform is managed by a select group of sports betting experts with rich experience in the industry. We know all the ins and outs of online sports betting in India. If this is your first time accessing any information on online sports betting, you have reached just the right spot. Stop missing out on the many excellent opportunities out there: fast and safe betting, top odds, access to live, in-bet options, live streaming online, news, sports betting tips and other incentives.

How To Bet On Sports In India: Popular Bet Types

Understanding the main types of sports bets you can place online is critical to getting started on the right foot. Just open your laptop or smart mobile device and find a recommended sports betting site. Online sports betting or bookmaking basically revolves around the same few types of betting types, including money line bets, over/under bets and handicap spread bets.

Money Line Bets

These bets are also referred to as single bets and they are the simplest expression of a sports bet. Most sports bookies will usually offer this type of bet as a primary choice punters can opt for. The bet features three separate and potential outcomes to a certain game, which means you will see two or three different options available for selection:

  • Win
  • Lose
  • Draw or Tie

Handicap Spread Bets

All bookies will choose one of the teams as their favourite, which automatically means punters are offered a handicap spread bet. The favourite team will always be displayed with the help of a minus sign, with the underdog presented using the plus symbol.

Over/Under Bets

Online sports betting on over/under bets for goals, the total score or points is yet another popular betting type in India across a large number of different sports such as baseball, where these bets can focus on the total number of runs that the punter thinks will be scored in an upcoming game.

Keep in mind that the less likely a certain bet becomes, the higher its odds will become.

Top Sports to Bet On In India

Without a doubt, cricket, IPL and horse racing are some of the most popular sports Indians love to bet on. Here are a few insightful details on each of these sports:

Betting On Football In India

While betting on football has not reached the high popularity peaks that are associated with cricket and horse race betting, the sport continues to be the King Sport on the planet and there are plenty of people in India who find great pleasure in watching it and betting on the matches. While the national football team in the country has never actually won any competitions worth mentioning, this does not stop Indians from keeping a close eye on tournaments like the Shillong Premier League, the Premier League in England or the world-famous Champion's League.

Loads of reliable online sports betting sites introduce punters to tons of football betting options, which means getting started is easy. Opt for a bookie that displays both live betting and live streaming alternatives so you can also watch the matches that you have decided to invest your money in.

Online Cricket Betting in India

Cricket has not yet been called a national sport in India. Nonetheless, it is one of the most captivating, popular and successful sports in India that has conquered the hearts of millions of families who gather around a TV set and cheer for their national cricket team during global competitions. All this leads to the fact that cricket betting has become the most popular types of sports betting in the country. 

Why not turn up the excitement by placing a few online cricket wagers using a top bookie with good cricket betting odds? Many of the sportsbooks we recommend on our platform feature their own cricket betting apps, allowing you to take your sports betting on the go whenever you feel like it.

Indian Premier League Betting Online

The Indian Premier League is the most popular cricket tournament to date and its appeal has reached viewers from all corners fo the planet. However, Indians seem to have a burning passion for these matches that have the power to put the world on hold and fixate everyone in front of their TVs. IPL betting enables the most fervent fans of cricket to get even more involved in the captivating action. Our detailed guide on betting on IPL will help you get started straight away!

Betting On Horse Races In India

Arguably the second most popular and beloved sport in the country, horse racing has been reuniting the Indian nation for more than two hundred years. Betting on horse races is also part of the culture here, with horse racing being exclusively dedicated to Indian breeds of horses. The country is known as one of the most successful breeding industries on the planet, with stallions imported from all parts of the planet. India uses a mix of classic sportsbooks and pool betting options. The international bookies on our site will offer you, even more, betting options, while keeping an eye on the breathtaking races and enjoying their fast paces. Horse race betting requires some more advanced analysis skills and we are here to make sure you will use all the right tools to get started on the right foot.

Choose any of the top online sportsbooks in India we have included in our select list and get started! All the bookies we recommend are licensed, safe and provide top odds and excellent sports betting options for punters of all levels of experience.