Top IPL Betting Sites In India


IPL Betting In India

Cricket is a sport loved by many, and with the introduction of the premier twenty-twenty tournaments across the world, the rise in popularity has grown even further.

The exhilarating format of T20s is fantastic viewing for everybody, along with some of the stellar cricketers taking part in each tournament. These tournaments started when the Indian Premier League (IPL) was set up back in 2007.

Throughout the following article, we will provide you with a background into the IPL along with some of the most popular Indian sports betting sites and betting markets to use when placing wagers on each game. A few tips and tricks on how to win will also be included within each section.

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IPL (Indian Premier League) – The Background

The IPL was founded in 2007 and consists of a yearly tournament involving teams from 8 different Indian cities. The teams are split across the country, which provides an opportunity for most of the population to get behind a nearby team.

There have been several franchise changes throughout the 14 years of the IPL, mainly due to the withdrawal from the tournament but some have also been banned from participating.

All 8 teams play each other home and away during the regular season and earn points based on the outcome of each game. The teams who occupy the top 4 spots at the conclusion of the season go through to the playoffs. The winner goes straight to the final and the other 3 go through playoff matches to determine who will play the number 1 team in the final.

This is a great format for punters because there are lots of games during the season for wagers to be placed and money to be won with this online cricket betting league.

The current champions are the Mumbai Indians, who are also the most successful franchise in the IPL with a total of 5 championships so far.

Popular IPL Betting Markets: Online Betting By IPL Schedule

Here we are going to provide you with a few of the most popular betting markets for the IPL, along with a few specialist markets that can be profitable and increase your enjoyment when watching the game.

Bet On Indian Premier League OnlineMost Popular Markets

Match Winner – deciding on which team will win the upcoming match outright.

Total Runs Scored – sportsbooks offer you the opportunity to bet on the over / under the number of runs scored by both teams combined and by each team. This is a great market when matches involving elite batsmen are taking place as they have the skill to score many runs.

Total Number of 4s and 6s – T20 cricket is all about scoring runs quickly, and what better way to do this than by hitting constant 4s and 6s. Sportsbooks offer over / under markets on the number of them scored by both teams combined in a game or for each individual team.

Specialist Markets

Highest Number of Runs – which cricketer will score the highest number of runs outright and also within their own team.

Biggest Partnership – which team in the match-up will record the biggest batting partnership.

Number of Wickets Taken – markets for how many wickets will be taken by each individual bowler. If Jasprit Bumrah is on top form and bowling brilliantly, betting on him taking over 2.5 wickets in his next game may be the perfect bet to place. 

There are so many more markets to look into and choose from, so if you would like to know more about the other markets on offer, then please see our article that is dedicated to cricket betting odds and bet types.

How To Win IPL Betting

When looking at each upcoming game, research is the best thing you can do to help increase your win percentage. Delving into everything related to each team is a must to help you determine where to place your wager. Several cricket betting tips and strategies that will help you win are found below:

  • Players Form – you should start looking into how well each batter is striking the ball and their most recent scores. This will give you an understanding of where their confidence levels are at. Also, check whether each bowler has been bowling to the correct lines and lengths. If a bowler is consistently hitting the right line and length, it will make it a lot harder for the batsmen to hit the ball. This will provide them with more opportunities to get wickets and record a low economic rate.
  • Team Form – you want to make sure each team is performing well and that they have cohesive teamwork. It is important that the batting partners are on the same page and that the bowlers complement each other. This cohesion can provide a lot of rewards during a game.
  • Starting Line-ups – you should check who will be starting in the game prior to placing a wager. It is important to see whether any specialist players are unable to play because of injury. This will be detrimental to the overall team and could impact their performance.
  • IPL Schedule - make sure to look at the big picture and follow the games. Even if you are not able to watch every game from the beginning to the end, look at the key moments and the results. It will help you to set up your betting predictions.

Placing Wagers On The IPL At The Best Indian Betting Sites 

If you are looking to place wagers on the upcoming IPL season, you should make sure that you are signed up to the perfect sportsbook for IPL betting. Your sportsbook should offer competitive odds and a large variety of markets so you can have the best opportunity to maximise your win percentage across the tournament.

If you need a good sportsbook, we have a detailed list of the top betting site reviews for Indian bettors.

Now it is time to just sit back and relax whilst watching some of the elite players hit the ball out of the stadium. Good luck with your bets!