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The gambling industry has taken the world by storm and now more and more bettors are taking interest in placing bets on their favourite sports. In order to get better in sports betting, players need to have the necessary expertise in the field and should have all the relevant information.

With so many sports betting websites growing in India, the competition is becoming tough day by day. This is why bookmakers are offering a no deposit bonus for sports betting that is called free bets bonus.

The free bet gives new bettors an opportunity to get familiar with the sports betting website and their betting offers. Free bets are extremely useful for newbies as well as skilled punters as it allows them to place the bets without spending any money and gaining the needed experience in the process. 

Top Indian Free Bet Offers At Sports Betting Site

What Are Free Bets?

As the name suggests, Free Bets allow bettors to bet for free. Some betting sites give away free bets no deposit required, while others require a real money deposit as well as the first actual sports wager before receiving free bets. It is an approach used by sportsbooks to attract bettors to use their online sports betting platform for an extended time.

To claim the free bets, players sign up on the sportsbook and become a member. The operator credits the punter’s account with the bonus amount for placing bets. If the punters make use of the opportunity wisely, they can enjoy hours of betting entertainment.

It is worth noting that free bets bonuses are not entirely free and they come available with certain terms and conditions and wagering requirements. These conditions may differ from one sportsbook to another. 

How to Get Free Bets?

Free Bet BonusIt's safe to say that a large majority of online betting sites have some sorts of bonuses the players can grab. A number of those platforms are giving away bonuses in the form of free bets. However, not all of those sportsbooks accept players from India.

That said, the first thing Indians need to do is to make sure that the sportsbook they've set their eyes on actually accepts the users from this country. If the answer is yes, they then need to check whether the bonus deal is on the table for players based in India.

Even if the sportsbook is giving away free bets to Indians, it doesn't mean you should give it your trust straight away. Before signing up, you need to go through the terms and conditions of the bonus deal. The next section is where you can learn more about the most important bonus T&Cs.

Free Bets Bonus Terms And Conditions

When planning to claim the free bets offer available on a sportsbook website, you must consider several important factors to make full use of your free bets. Here is a list of things to consider:

  • Check the wagering requirement: It is one of the important factors to check. Most sports betting websites include strict wagering requirements with their free bets and punters need to meet this requirement before accessing their winnings created from free bets. Most bookies offer simple wagering requirements while many offer strict wagering requirements. Go through this information to make an informed decision.
  • Check the validity period: The free bets come with validity and you can’t keep them unused for a long time as they may expire after a certain date. Although you must plan a creative approach to use the free bets, you must do so within the validity period. Every bookie has its set of conditions and therefore it becomes necessary to check the expiry dates of free bets before claiming them.
  • Find bets with simple conditions: Don’t get carried away with huge free bets as they might have complicated terms and conditions associated with them. It is suggested that you go through the various requirements such as minimum odds and wagering requirements of the free bets before claiming them. Find out if they are beneficial for you and then make a fair decision. Give priority to a free bet offer with simple conditions.
  • Check your eligibility to get a free bet: Find out if you are eligible to claim a free bet offer or not. Most often the bookies offer them as a welcome bonus for new signups but they can also make them available for regular punters.  
  • The actuality of free bets: Sometimes things aren't as they seem. The bonus offer might appear very lucrative, but there could be some additional conditions attached. For instance, the sportsbook might let you keep only the winnings made with free bets or there might be a limit to how much you can win this way.

Free Bets Wagering Requirements

Usually, all the online sportsbook operators include wagering requirements with their free bets. The punters must fulfil this condition to use the free bets to the fullest and request a payout of the winnings created through free bets. The wagering requirement generally starts with the sign ‘X’ followed by a number. For instance, if the set wagering requirement is X30, it means that the punters must bet the amount 30 times before cashing out the bonus.  

Besides the wagering requirement, there might be a few other conditions set by the operator for free bets. Because the terms and conditions associated with free bets bonuses are different for each bookmaker, you must know all the needed information before claiming and using the free bets.

What Sports Can You Use Free Bets On?

Some online sportsbooks will let you use the free bets on any sport you like, including some exotic ones like lacrosse or kabaddi. There are even some betting sites that will let you wager those free bets on non-sporting events, such as the Oscars, Nobel Prizes, and political events.

Still, most sportsbooks do tend to keep their offer limited to the most popular sports. Luckily for Indian bettors, most of their favourite competitions belong to this category.

Free Cricket Bets

Cricket is India's national sport, as well as the most popular pastime among the people from this part of the planet. It's also the #1 choice of Indian bettors, who particularly love betting on the matches from the Indian Premier League. The good news is that literally all of India's top betting sites let the players use the free bets for cricket betting.

Free Football Bets

Association football is the world's most popular sport, which is why it's not surprising that Indians can bet on it using free bets. All the major football leagues and cups should be covered by the sportsbook, meaning that the players have the luxury to choose from literally thousands of different games.  

Free Hockey Bets

Field hockey is one of India's favourite sports, both among sports fans and bettors. This fact explains why most sportsbooks will let you use free bets to bet on hockey games. Apart from betting on field hockey, it's also possible to bet on ice hockey competitions such as the NHL (USA and Canada) or the KHL (Russia).

Types of Free Bets

It would be boring if all the bookmakers out there had identical bonus offers. Luckily, that's not the case. In fact, it's almost just the opposite – almost every sportsbook has its own unique bonus deal.

This goes for all types of bonuses, including free bets. Still, despite each offer having its own set of rules and requirements, it's possible to fit most of them into a couple of categories.

One of those categories is reserved for free bets meant for new players. The famed welcome bonus free bets are those that you will receive from the sportsbook after signing up. This is a way the sportsbook is saying thank you for choosing them.

To get free bets, it's not enough to simply register an account. Most sportsbooks do require new players to make a real-money deposit before getting the free bets. In fact, there are some bookmakers that require the newcomers to make a qualifying bet with their own money before rewarding them with free bets.

Apart from welcome bonus free bets, there are some Indian sportsbooks that also give away free bets for existing players. Keep in mind that these deals aren't always on the table. Instead, they usually come as a result of a promotion, such as free cricket bets to celebrate the ICC T20 World Cup.

Generally speaking, both of these types of free bets require deposits. The good news, however, is that Indians can also claim some deals that come with no such conditions. What we're talking about are no-deposit free bets. You can read more about these sorts of deals in the next section.

No Deposit Free Bet for Indian Punters

Many reputed and well-known online sports betting websites offer no deposit free bets to Indian bettors. To be eligible for the bonus players need to bet a certain amount or a predefined number of bets on an event or at certain odds.

New signups can also benefit from free accumulator bets on the completion of qualifying bets as part of the welcome bonus. Not all sports betting sites have similar offers for their members. This is because every sportsbook operator has unique promotions that may include free bets, cash rewards, a VIP Club program, and so on.

Free Bets and Live Betting

In most cases, free bets cannot be used for live betting. However, there were cases when sportsbooks were giving away bonuses for live betting only. If you find such offers, you'll be able to use the free bets to make wagers on games that have already started.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Using Free Bets

When it comes to the biggest advantage of free bets, the clue is in the name – using free bets means that you don't have to wager your own money.

The biggest disadvantage of free bets is that in most cases, it's not possible to make a lot of money using them. The sportsbooks just aren't willing to give away too much money in the form of free bets. Still, if you use the free bets wisely you can make some nice winnings in the long run.

Bet On Sports for Free In India Using Free Bet Bonuses

Make sure to check out the best betting site reviews for India on our website. After you found your favourite Indian betting site and claimed your free bets, use them carefully to enjoy great winnings. Most new bettors make errors and fail to generate enough winnings from their free bets.

In order to make the best use of free bets, follow these simple tips: 

  • Check all the related terms and conditions of the free bets
  • Choose your offer wisely. Go through several websites before claiming the offer.
  • Be practical when using free bets. You won’t earn a large amount in the beginning. It requires practice and patience to get proficient in sports betting.
  • Understand the tips and tricks of sports betting to get yourself acquainted with the winning strategies.

Whether the free bet offer is small or generous, make sure that you use it to your benefit. A free bet offer is an easy way to enjoy sports betting and to try out different betting plans.

Free Bets FAQs

What is a free bet?

Free bet is the type of sportsbook bonus that you can use as a regular real-money bet. You cannot withdraw the free bets; you need to wager them. If you win, you can do with the winnings whatever you like.

How to qualify for receiving free bets?

It all depends on your sportsbook, but in most cases, you are rewarded with free bets after making a real-money deposit.

Can I get free bets more than once?

Sure, you can. There are some online sportsbooks in India that give away free bets to new customers, but also to existing ones. For example, a loyal user can get some free bets as a New Year present, a birthday gift, etc.

Do all betting sites in India offer free bets?

Unfortunately, not all Indian sportsbooks give away free bets. However, most of them do reward the players with some sort of a bonus.

Are free bets really free?

Free bets are free in the sense that it's not your own money that you're using for betting. However, in many cases, you are required to use your own money in order to get ahold of free bets.

Is it good to bet using free bets?

Using free bets is great if you don't want to risk your own money. This is why most players use them to bet on markets with longer odds.
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