Careers In The Online Gambling in India

Choosing A Career In The Indian Online Gaming Industry

Amit Mangal | 01 / 12 / 2020

Without a doubt, the gaming scene in India has advanced a great deal during the last few years, with an impressive growth worth mentioning in the mobile field. The growing popularity of smartphones and tablets in the country, along with the irrefutable revolution in the mobile industry and the important investments from top companies like Youzu, Alibaba or Tencent and their incredibly popular PUBG: Mobile game counting over 30 million active players logging in every day have all contributed to the upwards trends. Landing a job in the online gaming industry sounds like a good idea right now for a number of reasons. Find out what to expect from a career in online casinos and sportsbooks in India in 2020 and beyond.

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Fast Internet Speeds and Growing Interest for Mobile Games

These are the two defining factors that could be considered when trying to further understand the online gaming growth that has been recorded in the country in the last couple of years. India ranks 129th in terms of mobile internet speeds and 75th in a top of the world countries with the fastest broadband internet speeds. Add the growing number of cheap smartphone and tablets that have penetrated the country and people's interest to own such a device and use it on the go for entertainment purposes and you should get the bigger picture.

Plus, India is also currently ranking high in relation to the number of online games that players choose to download from the most popular app stores. At the end of 2020, the mobile gaming market is projected to be worth more than $2.4 million. Plus, Indian gamers and gamblers alike prefer to use their mobile devices instead of accessing gaming platforms and virtual casinos on their computers at home. This means thinking about pursuing a mobile or online gaming career in India right now could prove to be extremely lucrative.

With 80% of Indians choosing to engage in one of the many forms of gaming in the country at least once a year, it is safe to say game developers have reasons to rejoice and start working at more games and mobile gaming apps to cover the growing demand. If you have a cool idea for new themed online slots for the Indian market or you would like to test new video games before they are released to the public and identify any flaws in them, a career in online gaming in India could be just what you are looking for.

Is It Legal To Work In The Online Gambling Industry In India?

At the moment, India has a very complex and restrictive legal framework regarding both online and offline gaming. Indian states have numerous laws regulating these activities within their borders. At the same time, the Public Gambling Act is the official document that forbids Indian citizens from managing and running public gambling houses in the country.

The Federal Information Technology Act issued in 2011 was meant to completely forbid all virtual forms of gambling in the country. However, it failed to implement these highly restrictive regulations. At the moment, all online real money casinos that have a license to operate in India and all certified operators are legally allowed to offer their services to players in the country. Many Indians also prefer to access top-tier offshore gaming platforms and virtual casinos. Whether you plan on landing a job with one of these giants as a customer support representative or you wish to offer your services as a security expert online, a job in the online gaming industry in India could prove to be very satisfying.

The Best Jobs In The Online Gambling Industry India

Graphic Designer Jobs

Working as a graphic designer in India means earning an average salary of ₹305,000, usually starting at ₹98,000 for entry-level positions. Accumulating a few years of experience in the industry means reaching the position of a senior graphic designer as much as Rs. 7.5 lakh a year. If you have an inclination for creating aesthetically pleasing images and you have experience designing online gambling apps or websites, this job is something you should definitely consider. You will not only have the privilege of counting among the first to find out about a new game, but you should also bring your own contribution to the way the game or platform hosting it will look like. Or maybe you will be directly responsible for designing some game characters, casino mascots, logos or entire gambling websites. The salaries are highly appealing, especially if you have decent experience working with some popular Graphical User Interfaces. Get ready to you develop a few gaming apps or proprietary games or specialise in customising various features for existing games and you should rap some nice benefits as well.

Security Specialists For Gaming Websites

Security experts are responsible for assessing various gambling platforms or even entire gaming networks as poker networks with the intent to identify various security problems such as online data and identity theft online, safety breaches and different other types of threats that could interrupt the natural course of the way a casino or video game with paid features usually works. An online casino could hire a security expert for implementing the latest website security features and standards that have been released in the industry while maintaining all the payment systems well protected against hijacking threats.

Online Coder/Programmer Jobs

Programmers are vital to any video game or casino platform as they are the go-to persons responsible for creating, editing and putting all gaming codes into practice. They can also design gaming apps such as poker apps or slot apps as part of an online casino's proprietary gaming app selection or transfer an entire casino online into a mobile app that is fully functional and compatible with all known operating systems and mobile devices in India. If you are good at coding and you like to always stay up to date with the lates trends in the field, your input could be greatly cherished and appreciated by a gaming company in the country. As a Phyton developer in India, you could earn an average salary of ₹428,000. A Java Script developer receives the most rewarding salaries in the country, with over Rs 6 Lack a year.

Customer Support Jobs

The customer support representative is usually the first persona new casino player will get in touch with upon joining a new casino for real money online. They are the persons that know all the ins and puts of the casino, who can answer all questions concerning payment methods, bonus wagering requirements, how to use bonus codes or claim various free spins, verify one's identity and the list goes on. Customer support representatives are the main element that brings newcomers together with a casino or video gaming company and they are available using phone, live chat clients, email or special online forms. The job that pays ₹250,000 on average requires a person to be communicative, friendly, ready to work well under pressure, handle potential conflicts, answer quick questions in a precise and thorough manner and be generally passionate about the field of work they have chosen to work in, be it casino gaming or online video games. Other common work requirements refer to supervising financial transactions and handling various marketing activities.

Casino Dealer and Croupier Jobs

Lots of casinos online are generous when it comes to offering a wide selection of table games to players, including online blackjack, roulette, poker, baccarat or craps, to name just a few of the most popular titles you will usually find online. Many of these casinos offer the realistic live casino versions of these games with the help of live dealers and croupiers who deal the cards and spin the wheels in front of a webcam, from a remote location. This position requires you to be extremely knowledgeable in terms of game rules and also to a friendly, pleasant and open person ready to interact with various players in India and other parts of the world. You could run a game of poker, blackjack or roulette live and you consider yourself to be a special, friendly and talkative person with a pleasant personality, this could be the right online gaming career in India for you. The average salary of a gaming dealer in the country reaches around ₹130,000.

Big Data Analytics Specialist Jobs

An experienced big data analytics expert in India could average ₹1,900,000, while a data scientist could earn around ₹830,000. Big data analysts and Artificial Intelligence experts are enjoying large levels of popularity nowadays, given the worldwide trends and shifts in the gaming world and the implementation of AI and VR technologies as a means of anticipating players' needs and catering to them before they are even expressed. Knowing exactly what kind of experience a gamer wants to enjoy, the type of custom game features or bonuses they would like to receive will help increase the number of loyal and returning players. Big data analysis will also help achieve these goals as well, so pursuing a career in this direction is another good idea for an online gambling job in India.

No matter which career in online gaming India you might be interested in, make sure you learn which are the special courses or education requirements that will increase your chances of landing a job more quickly and get started. The future of online gambling is looking brighter than ever and working in the field could prove to be more advantageous than you could imagine!

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