Visit Indian Casinos Via Bollywood Movies

Visit Indian Casinos Via Bollywood Movies

Ira Bakshi | 22 / 12 / 2020

Just a quick glance at its incredible global reach could immediately tell you that Bollywood is the largest and most successful film industry on the planet. The Hindi-based film sector that belongs to the moviemaking industry in India has set its grounds in Mumbai, formerly known as Bombay, back in the thirties and it has since grown into a gigantic movie empire with undeniable success. At first, Bollywood was mostly known for its silent movies; later on, it took off with the help of the Bombay Talkies which had a huge contribution towards its expansion.

Indian Casinos In Bollywood MoviesHindi-language films are known for putting an unparalleled flair in their releases. You might be able to easily recognise them through their unique and specific dynamics, dances, cheer, brightness, drama, and predictability. Bollywood movies have a certain appeal that draws viewers in and keeps them glued to the TV screen until the credits start rolling. How do they do it? It's all a matter of delivering the most complex sound productions, wobbly romantic tales, dramatic character close-ups, teaching morals with powerful life lessons and drop-dead gorgeous actresses and actors, the most melodramatic plots ever, or the most action-packed scripts.

One theme that seems to be a favourite of many movie producers and scriptwriters in Bollywood is connected to gambling. Why is casino gaming so popular here and what are the most popular Bollywood movies with casino themes? If you frequently visit real money casinos in India, you can discover the thrill and action that is usually a part of the Bollywood film production.

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Why Gambling Is So Big In Bollywood

Given the fact that Bollywood movies are all about over-the-top thrills and emotions, it would seem only logical to connect these feelings to the exciting action at the casino tables. Without a doubt, there is genuine magic happening in front of our eyes every time we watch the underdog behind a poker table trying to beat all the odds. So why not transfer all this magic onto the big screens? People in India are known worldwide for their natural love for gambling and lots of Bollywood scriptwriters have decided to put the people's passion for their works of art. There are lots of successful and captivating Bollywood gambling-themed moves that have been created and released over the years.

If you have never watched a nerve-wracking casino-themed film made in Bollywood, here are a few must-haves that all passionate players who enjoy visiting Indian real money casinos online will love to watch.


If you have at least once played a game of Carrom, you are going to love watching the fascinating tale of a teenage boy who is a genius at it. He manages to enrol in a huge championship when he is only 12 years old and the movie further introduces us to his heartbreaking struggle as a child going through all the motions, trying to constantly grow his gambling skills and become better at the game improve when he reaches Jhalil. Later on in the movie, viewers will watch the way the teenager struggles with a very harsh reality in India, hunger, and the way he manages to push forward, survive, and keep shining. The movie is very moving and it perfectly captures the world of gambling in India as seen through the eyes of a teenaged boy and this is what makes it so popular and beloved.

Teen Patti

Another Bollywood classic that revolves around the gambling theme is Teen Patti, named after an exciting popular Indian casino game teen patti. This is probably one of the most-watched casino movies made in Bollywood and it stars Amitabh Bachchan, a national symbol in India. He is one of the most beloved actors here and also a successful film producer who has also hosted various TV shows, was involved in politics and even had a brief singing career. Teen Patti was released to the public in 2010 and it does an excellent job at intertwining gambling skills with loads of entertaining action on the screen. While the critics may have welcomed it with plenty of bad reviews, it continues to be one of the emblematic films in the industry. Venkat is the name of the lead character in the film and viewers watch him learn how to gamble while growing the desire to win the life-changing jackpot that the casino he visits currently offers. Venkat meets Percy, a talented mathematician Percy and they start to combine their skills and gamble in all sorts of casinos in London. They both become very popular as they gradually win more and more money from their intense gambling. Venkat has developed a theory that he struggles to put into practice and prove correct. His theory is the theory of probability and once he manages to prove it, he starts to bag even more money. The movie might be a little more difficult to grasp for players who are just starting their career in online gambling, but it definitely remains a Bollywood classic you cannot afford to ignore.

The Great Gambler

The Great gambler was released to the public back in 1970 and it continues to be a highly-praised casino-themed classic in Bollywood. It stars Amitabh Bachhan who now plays the role of a boy named Jai who is a very skilled gambler and whom we will watch being set up against the most skilled clients of a casino who are also known for having a very agile eye when it comes to the house odds. Viewers are introduced to the real-life issues of the boy, as they unfold in parallel, as he keeps proving his gambling genius throughout the movie.

If watching these movies will inspire you to try some gambling yourself, then don't hesitate to check out our best Indian casino reviews. You can try online gambling for free and master your skills by playing the top online slots, table games and other speciality casino games before placing real money deposits. 

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