Indian States Where Gambling Is Legal

Indian States Where Gambling Is Legal

Ira Bakshi | 15 / 03 / 2021

Betting in India is a rather controversial topic for lottery players, gamblers, rummy enthusiasts, or horse racing punters alike. The central government in the country considers gambling to be illegal and this official stance is adopted in those states where the central government has jurisdiction.

Where To Legally Gamble In India While gambling refers to any game of chance, the Indian Supreme Court has labelled horse races and Rummy as games of skill, and, accordingly, these are not included in the ‘gambling’ category as defined by the National law. The game of poker and other similar activities are also considered games of skill; nonetheless, the official status of these activities depends on whether they remain within the borders of a certain Indian state. The Constitution mentions in the 34th Entry of its List II of the 7th Schedule that each state is fully entitled and rightfully allowed to issue its own laws regarding gambling and wagering activities within its borders. Plus, according to the 62nd Entry, Indian states are given the authority to tax these activities. At the moment, there are 13 Indian states where lotteries have been legalized, while Goa and Sikkim have regulated and legalized other gambling activities. This article will tell you the Indian states where gambling is legal and also debate the matter of online real money casino gambling

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Andhra Pradesh

Andhra Pradesh has a population of close to 85 million and many of its residents are drawn to the Hyderabad Racecourse located in Malakpet. According to the Andhra Pradesh Gaming Act written in 1974, most gambling activities are deemed illegal within the State. Nonetheless, horse racing, as well as lotteries run by the state and games of rummy are legal within the state. Still, there are a few cases of illegal gambling activities that have been punished by the Andhra Pradesh authorities with several small fines and arrests, mostly given to repeat offenders and people who run gambling houses here.


The state of Goa counts a population of 1.4 million and, along with Sikkim, the state is a popular and highly appreciated destination for gamblers. Goa enables players to visit legal brick-and-mortar casinos along with the mesmerizing casino boats that are known for operating off-shore. The boats host numerous table games that are not normally accepted in land casinos. Gambling activities here are regulated by the Goa, Daman and Diu Public Gambling Act of 1976. This Act states the fact that the Government can authorise any type of slot machine game or any electronic amusement game found in 5 Star Hotels, along with table games and other forms of gaming on board of vessels located offshore. The same regulations also mention the payment for recurring as well as non-recurring fees.


Counting more than 61 million people, the state of Karnataka is home to the Bangalore and the Mysore racecourses. The state used to accept Playwin operations within its borders and kept a ban on single-digit lotteries and lotteries that organized draws more than once a week. At the moment, Playwin operations are no longer accepted here.

The Supreme Court here has also decided that the game of Rummy is not a form of gambling, but one of skill. The state government has gradually turned unfriendly in regards to gambling activities and its attempts to ban horse race events or limit lotteries began in 2007. While the state continues to express its efforts to eliminate betting on horse races, this activity continues to be legal in the state even today.

West Bengal

Poker is one of the most popular games casino games in West Bengal and it is regarded as a game of skill as per the Prize Competition and Gambling Act in Wets Bengal issued in 1957. In other words, West Bengal provides a relaxed and friendly legal environment within West Bengal; all games must be approved by the Police Commissioner of Kolkata or the district's DM.


Online poker games are legal and regulated by the government of the Nagaland state, according to the Nagaland Act in 2016 which calls poker a game of skill.


With a population of 600,000 people, Sikkim is the first Indian state that has initiated procedures that target the legalization and licensing of online gambling activities. The state already accepts applications to license online casinos run by servers located within the state borders. The licenses can be given to a number of sports betting activities such as wagering on rugby, cricket, or football. The state government also runs Playwin, the most successful lottery game in the country.

The Sikkim Casino Act covers games of online blackjack, roulette, and casino brag via the intranet within the state borders.

Tamil Nadu

With a population of over 72 million, the state hosts the Madras Racecourse and the Ooty Racecourse, as well as a number of popular gaming activities including games of Teen Patti and Rummy, two traditional games in the country with lots of fans here.


Online lotteries and horse racing betting are legal in Punjab according to the decision of the state government and the Punjab Cricket Board in 2013.

Uttar Pradesh

With a population of close to 200 million, the state is the haven of cricket fans, even though the game is not legal here. At the moment, there are lots of illegal betting rings here and many advocates of the game claim that legalising gambling here would be the best solution to fix the problem. The state government has attempted to legalise casinos in recent years, but yet to no avail.

Indian online casinos for real money that provide their services to players in the country are a good alternative for gamers who live in those states where land and online gambling is no longer an option. Make your pick from our list of popular and trustworthy online casinos reviews for India and play the freshest and most rewarding titles in a safe environment.

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