Online Sports Betting Types

Betting on sports online for the first time can be rather overwhelming for a novice who has never used odds, sport betting markets or real money sportsbooks online before. However, with the right knowledge at hand and relevant data on various sports betting types available for punters in India, you could soon start placing your first winning bets.

What Is A Sports Betting Market?

Online Sports Bets TypesFor starters, a sports betting market is defined as a type of bet that is made available for a certain sport such as tennis, football, cricket or horse racing. There is an almost endless number of sports betting types to choose from, with a few basic markets found in most sports. These markets are easier to comprehend and the next few lines will introduce you to them.

1x2 Markets

Sports that feature three potential outcomes come with a 1x2 market. For example, a game of football played between the national Indian football team and the Queensland team will have this 1x2 market which is normally connected to team events. Selecting 1 in the previous example means you are backing the Indian team. Choosing 2 means backing the team of Queensland, while choosing X 'means betting on a draw.


Another popular type of bet you will find with all online bookies, spread bets refer to betting that a team will win by more than a predefined margin. For instance, a spread bet on a -5.5 spread for Australia to beat India at home. This means that Australia has to win by more than 5.5 points so that the punter (you) can win the bet. The spread also comes in the form of a positive number (+5.5 for India). This translated to the following: if the Indian team is within 5.5 points, the bettor will win the wager.

Over / Under Bet Types

These sports bet types mean the punter will bet on a certain number of outcomes within the same game. An over / under bet can be found in a wide array of sports, as well as numerous sports betting markets. For example, you could bet that during a game of cricket, the game will run over 100 hits, or bet on the fact that it will run under 100 hits. In baseball, you could bet on the fact that more than 4.5 home runs will be hit within the game, or bet on fewer than 4.5 home runs.

Outright Winner

You could also opt for types of bets that allow you to wager on the outright winner of the sports event. The winner must be chosen prior to the start of the event, given the fact that the odds will keep changing once the event will begin. For example, you could bet on who will win the Indian Premier League of Cricket.

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Special Sports Betting Types

Besides the previous types of bets that are found with most sports and sports betting markets, there are also a few additional types of sports bets markets you should know about:

Fixed Odds

Fixed odds bets are types of bets that provide a fixed price for a sports event at any point. In other words, the punter will be given the set price indifferent of what might happen along the way, once all the best have been placed. Bookies that do not normally offer tote bets will focus on these fixed odds bets instead.


These bets are usually set by bookies or created by the punter. Parlay bets are also referred to as accumulator bets and they are placed when mixing various bets into a single bet. This, in turn, will multiply the odds and give bettors a greater potential profit. Nonetheless, if even one of the chosen bets loses, the entire bet will be a losing one.

Prop Bets

Prop or special bets are types of sports bets that are placed more for fun and less for a profit. They usually focus on betting on specific parts of a game or sports event, usually an aspect that will not influence the actual outcome of the respective game. Betting on the team you believe will score the last goal or the team that will foul.

Double Chance

The double chance market bet will usually allow punters to make their choice from a number of different markets. However, they will only be allowed to pick one of these markets. For example, let us assume that Sweden is playing against India in a football game. The punter can place a double chance bet on India to win or on a draw. This means the game will either end with Sweden winning or in a draw for the punter to win the bet.

Over/Under Bets For Individual Players

Sportsbooks usually associate the biggest sports leagues worldwide with over and under bets for individual players. For instance, you could place a bet that Virat Kohli will hit 200 not out against a competitor in a single game.

Finding any of these sports betting types from above can be simply done by accessing the platform of any reputable bookie online. After assessing the large variety of betting markets to choose from, punters need to click on their preferred desired sport and watch the complete list of markets that are available for the respective sport. Clicking on cricket betting and selecting a certain game within this category will introduce you to all the available markets.

Tips For Using The Best Sports Betting Types

If you are looking to access top sports betting markets a lot quicker, here are a few guidelines and tips you should know about:

  • Check out the number of available markets for each sporting event you are interested in. The majority of sportsbooks will display this number next to the event, so you can save precious time and move on to your bet slip

  • Opt for the most popular sporting events so you can enjoy more markets. In case you cannot find a satisfying number of markets, choose a more popular event instead.

  • Opt for team sports if you wish to access more markets. Given the unpredictable character of team sports where lots of things can happen, you will automatically enjoy a larger number of sports markets compared to a simpler game of tennis, for example.