Guide To Bet On Basketball Online India


Basketball Betting Guide IndiaBasketball in India is growing in popularity, which has led to teams from the National Basketball Association (NBA) travelling to India to play their pre-season and regular-season games.

The exponential growth of basketball in India also created the need for a professional basketball league. The United Basketball Alliance (UBA) originated in 2015, and now comprises of 8 teams covering both Northern and Southern India, and the number of fans has grown each year also.

These factors have caused a boom in betting on basketball across India. This article is going to provide you with a guide on how to bet on basketball using online sportsbooks in India.

Top Indian Sportsbooks To Bet On Basketball Online

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Global Basketball Competitions

The UBA isn't the only competition that bettors can use to bet on basketball online. There are a number of other notable leagues across the world, which include:

  1. NBA - this is by far the biggest and best competition in the world. Teams across the United States of America and Canada compete to win a championship ring!
  2. European Leagues - the majority of countries across Europe have top-tier leagues where professional teams compete to win titles. The European countries also have a specialist tournament called EuroLeague where the best teams across each league take part.   

Basketball Betting Types / Markets

There are 2 main TYPES of basketball bets, which are:

  • How To Bet On Basketball IndiaSingle - a single bet is where you choose 1 outcome for an upcoming game.
  • Accumulator / Parlay - these are wagers that include 2 or more bets. The odds for this type of bet will be increased because you are adding more parameters to the bet, which will provide you with a larger payout. Every outcome must win for your accumulator to be successful. 

Betting markets are different from betting types, and there are usually 100+ markets available for us to bet on when it comes to basketball. There are 3 main markets that bettors like to use:

  1. Money Line - here you choose which team will be the winner of the upcoming match-up. Do you think Lebron James and the Los Angeles Lakers will beat the Toronto Raptors in their next game? Please note that a money line bet does include overtime. So if the game is tied at the end of regulation, your bet is still in play!
  2. Point Spread - sportsbooks will offer a point spread for each game depending on who they think will win and how many points they think they will win by. An example of this is shown below:

    Miami Heat (+4.5) @ New York Knicks (-4.5)

    In this example, the New York Knicks are considered the favourite, and the -4.5 point spread means they will have to win the game by 5 or more points for you to win your bet.

    Miami Heat are the underdogs and can either win the game or even lose it by 4 points or less for your wager to be a winner.

  3. Game Totals - many bettors like to place bets on the total amount of points to be scored in a game. Your sportsbook will provide you with a total number of points for a game and you decide whether the total will be above or below that figure. You are also able to bet on the total points for the 1st / 2nd half and also for a specific team. Keep these in mind when looking at which bets to place.

We would also recommend looking into the player proposition markets. These involve specific outcomes for each individual player during a game. For example, you can bet on the total number of points scored by a player, or the number of rebounds someone will record during the game. You can find extremely good value bets in these markets, so keep this in mind when looking for your next bet.

Tips To Succeed When Betting On Basketball

Our first tip is to do RESEARCH. If anybody wants to be successful at betting in the long term, in-depth research is an absolute must. We suggest that you look into a team's current form. How well are they performing at home and away? How many points are they scoring/conceding in both home and away games? This is an important step into figuring out how well a team will perform in their upcoming match-up.

The second tip we have is to check the day's injury reports for each team playing in the slate. Here you will find out if any of the stars are unavailable for the game and whether their minutes on the floor will be limited if they are returning from injury. If a team is missing their star player, it could dramatically affect how they play and the points that they score/concede.

We also offer a great insight into specific strategies when betting on basketball, so please be sure to check out that article to gain more insight into winning your basketball bets.

Finding the Right Sportsbook for You

An important factor when betting on basketball is using the right sportsbook. You want to find one that offers the most markets possible and one that also provides you with great odds. It can be very time consuming looking at each sportsbook that is available to you, and that is why we have done all of the work for you. Our experts at have compiled a list of the top sportsbook reviews for Indians, so please look through our research to find the one that suits you the best!

Follow this guide to help you understand basketball betting in more detail and to help you turn your wagers into winners.