Teen Patti Beginners Guide For Online Casinos


Teen Patti has quite a strong popularity at real money online casinos in India. Gamers also often enjoy this card game during special occasions, gatherings, and Indian festivals such as Diwali and Holi. Friends and family come together and play Teen Patti to have a great time.

Also referred to as Flash or Flush, Teen Patti is a competitive game where the gamers with the right combination of cards win the round. This game is quite similar to the popular card game in the UK, called “3 Card Brag”.

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How to Play Teen Patti?

how to play  teen patti online

It is pretty simple to play Teen Patti. Every player puts the minimum bet, which is also referred to as the Chaal into the pot. This pot is placed on the table in the centre. This pot of money is won by the winner of the game. The players will need to decide the amount to be added to the pot before starting the game. Every player must add the minimum amount into the pot.

Teen Patti game is played with a deck of 52 cards without jokers. The dealer shuffles the cards and distributes them clockwise. Every player gets three cards each, which are face down. This card game can be played with four to seven participants.

In general, the winner of the hand becomes the dealer of the next hand. The player sitting immediately left to the dealer start placing bets. When you are playing online Teen Patti, you will require pushing the ‘bet’ button.

The player who remains till the end of the round will need to display their cards and the one with the high-ranking hand wins the game. In a situation, when all the players fold leaving one player, the betting round ends and the last player wins the game.

The participants will have the option to play their hands as ‘Blind’ or ‘Seen.’

  • Blind Players: Players who choose to be blind must place the bet without looking at their cards. They can however choose to become a Seen player at any time during the game and can then place bets after looking at their cards. But, their placed bet should be of higher value.
  • Seen Players: These players can check their cards before placing bets but their bet size should be twice the size of blind players.

A Seen Player can ask for a Side Show but they cannot demand a Show. When all the gamers are playing the game after looking at their cards, a player after placing the bet can ask the players who have placed the bet before him, for a sideshow. The players can deny or accept this request. If they accept, the players can check their cards and the ones with low-rank cards will need to fold. In case the cards are equal, the one who demanded the sideshow needs to fold.

Keep note that a gamer can fold his cards anytime. However, the bet amount that they have added to the pot will be lost.

Rules to Play Teen Patti

If you want to play Teen Patti online, you must search for a safe casino in India that includes this game. For that, you can check out our online casino reviews. After successfully creating your account at the casino, you can play the Teen Patti card game. Here are some rules that you must familiarize yourself with before playing this game.

  • Straight Flush: It is also referred to as Pure Sequence. It occurs when three cards of the same suit appear in a sequence.
  • Straight: It is also referred to as Sequence or Run. It occurs when three cards appear in a sequence.
  • Flush: It is also referred to as colour. It occurs when three cards of the same suit appear but not in any order.
  • Three of a Kind: It is also referred to as Trail or Trio. It occurs when three cards of the same rank appear.
  • Pair: It occurs when two cards of the same rank appear.
  • High Card: In cases when the hand doesn’t have any such cards, the card game is based on the highest card.

The Advantages of Teen Patti Online In India

There are several advantages of playing Teen Patti Online in India as compared to land-based casinos. The players who play online can get amazing casino bonuses to play Teen Patti for an extended time. In addition, there are several deposit and withdrawal options to transfer funds and request payouts.

Just make sure to look for a legal and reliable online casino in India to play the Teen Patti game. Several online casinos offer more than two versions of Teen Patti games such as Live Teen Patti.

Play Teen Patti At Safe Online Casinos in India

Teen Patti is an exciting game that has taken the Indian gaming industry by storm. Many Indian players prefer playing it online as it gives them the needed advantage. You can also play this game on your mobiles and smart devices. If you have understood how to play Teen Patti Online, you should check the latest and safe online casinos in India.

Teen Patti FAQ

Can I play Teen Patti online in Hindi?

Yes, many websites include Teen Patti online in Hindi.

Is Teen Patti a game of skills?

Teen Patti card game is mainly a chance-based game.

How do you play and win Teen Patti online?

Teen Patti is played amongst four to seven players with three cards per player. The player with the right bets or the best hand wins money.

How to get free chips for teen patti game?

Many online casinos in India offer a no deposit bonus for newly registered customers or for loyal players. Players must be aware of the wagering requirements and read carefully the terms and conditions of the free chips offers.