Kabaddi Betting Tips And Strategies


Online kabaddi betting is relatively new in many established Indian online sportsbooks. However, this doesn’t mean that it’s market you should skip. On the contrary, now is the perfect time to bet on the game and discover why it’s a fast-growing betting market. You’ll join millions of dedicated fans and punters who enjoy not just the competitive nature of the game but also the lucrative betting markets that it offers.

However, just like other forms of gaming, the passion to play is not enough. Preparation, understanding of the lingo, and the use of some responsible strategies are critical to your betting success. To help you enjoy and profit from online kabaddi betting, we list the best betting tips for kabaddi below.

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Know The Game Before You Bet

kabaddi betting tips and strategies onlineIf you’re new to kabaddi betting, you should first check out the rules of the game. Kabaddi is a competitive team sport with 7 players on each time. A team will assign a raider who will enter the other team’s court and tag as many players as possible to score points. The other team can collect a point if they can stop (tackle) the raider. The scoring system can be complicated for beginners so you should read some of the game guides online.

Aside from rules, pay attention as well to the different types of sports bets and the popular lingo used. When it comes to popular bets, you can predict the winner or bet on totals.

Use The Kabaddi Betting Odds to Your Advantage

Betting odds are not just numbers assigned to a team or a player. Odds offer insights about the teams, the likelihood of an event, or the potential payouts that you can collect based on your wager. In line with this, make sure you learn the different formats of odds used by Indian sportsbooks. In many kabaddi betting odds, the decimal is the most popular way to display the odds.

For example, a team is assigned 1.50 as odds which means that the team has a 67% chance of winning. And if you wager 10,000 Rupees and win, your payout is 11,500 Rupees. Other sportsbooks will display the odds as a fraction or moneyline. The best kabaddi betting tips will tell you to read the odds, analyze, and read it before submitting a wager.

Check Out Scores and Kabaddi Betting Statistics

It’s not enough that you follow the game. What’s more important is to use previous scores and results, team form and statistics, and other facts. Research and checking of statistics are critical in sports betting. In our best betting tips for kabaddi, we recommend that you check out the team’s form and background before setting your wager. When comparing teams, check out the players’ skills, the team’s form, past results, and their health.

When it comes to the best betting tips and strategies, it’s also recommended to check which team is playing at home. In kabaddi betting, the more information you access, the higher the chances of winning a bet.

Use the Right Type of Bet

Yes, the betting market for kabaddi is relatively small compared to established sports like cricket and soccer. But this betting tip still works if you want to improve your chances online. For this, you also need to conduct some research. For example, you are faced with two strong offensive teams with almost even chances of winning the match. Instead of simply betting on a winner, you may want to choose the Over/Under bet. Remember, there are different ways to place your kabaddi bets, and choosing what works in a specific situation is part of our list of the kabaddi tips and tricks.

Go For Line Shopping

There’s a growing interest in kabaddi betting but its size is not yet comparable with soccer, basketball, and cricket betting. This makes your line shopping an easy and less stressful activity. In sports betting, line shopping means checking and comparing the best kabaddi betting odds. In sports betting, the odds will tell you the probability of an event happening. In many Indian sportsbooks, the odds are expressed in decimals.  

To the casual fans, these betting odds appear similar. But if you read and analyze the odds, you can find slight differences. These ‘slight differences’ can positively impact your payouts and profits. Tracking the changes in the odds of different sportsbooks is one of the best kabaddi betting tips you can follow.

Time To Make a Responsible Bet on a Kabaddi Match

Are you ready to place a bet on kabaddi matches? Before you proceed, there’s one more important tip that you should remember when it comes to betting. To enjoy a secure betting experience, make sure you sign up with a fully-licensed and reliable sportsbook. Remember, you’re sharing your information and betting real money so you need to work with a site that protects its players.

We can help you choose the best Indian sportsbook for kabaddi betting. When you browse our site, you can find top Indian sportsbooks reviews with expert recommendations. These reviews and recommendations are from our professional team and are based on important parameters like security, availability of bonuses, and quality of sports odds.

By signing up with a recommended sportsbook and by following our Kabaddi betting tips and predictions, you can get an enjoyable betting experience.