Free Tennis Betting Tips And Strategies


In business, a strategy is important as it limits your directions and focuses on what is truly beneficial. The same principle applies to online sports betting. When you want to limit your losses and focus on winning bets, then it’s best that you’re guided by a tennis betting strategy. Within a strategy, you can find a set of tennis tips and tricks that can help you clearly understand the bets, use the odds, and make a winning bet.

The good news is that adopting a strategy for tennis is easier compared to other sports. There’s no draw that can complicate the betting line, the tournament and matches of different tier levels are hosted year-round which offers a variety of betting markets. All these make tennis betting more accessible for punters.

However, one must still invest in research and planning when betting on tennis. If you’re new to tennis betting or simply want to learn more top tennis tips, we recommend that you check out our guide to tennis betting strategy.

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Over/Under Bets and Set Betting in Tennis Grand Slams

tennis betting tips and strategiesOne of the easiest strategies that you can use when betting on tennis online is to focus on grand slam events. However, your success rate heavily depends on how well you understand the grand slams and their importance in the context of the tennis circuit.

In tennis, the grand slams are the four most popular events- the Australian Open, French Open, Wimbledon, and the US Open. In grand slams, the rules for men and women are different. For men, tennis matches can extend up to 5 sets. Women’s matches, on the other hand, cannot exceed 3 sets.

In grand slam tennis set betting, you need to focus on the expected number of sets to be played. For example, the sportsbook will set it at 3.5 sets or 4. In this type of betting, you will submit an Under bet if you think that it will last in 3 sets or Over if it moves to 4 or 5 sets. The best betting tips for tennis will tell you that many grand slam matches don’t go beyond 4 sets especially if you have big servers. In short, pay attention to the background of the players as part of your best tennis betting tips to follow. If they are big servers or if they are known for quick plays, there’s a chance that it will not exceed 3 sets or worse, just 4 sets.

Use Bonuses and Free Bets for Grand Slams

Promotions and bonuses are marketing tools used by sportsbooks to attract and engage punters. But you can also take advantage of these promotions to boost your bankroll and score free bets. A free tennis bet is just a start; you can also use cashback, reload bonuses, boosted odds, and parlay boosts.

There are different tennis betting tips and approaches that you can use to access these offers. For example, you can sign up for a newsletter so you’ll receive bonus updates. Also, creating accounts in multiple betting sites will allow you to access and compare bonuses. With bonuses, you can bet on tennis players without risking your bankroll.

Live Tennis Betting

A more challenging but fun way to bet on tennis is through in-play betting. In this betting arrangement, bets are placed in real-time while players are in action. For the keen observer and the cruncher of statistics, this is a challenging yet satisfying betting arrangement.

In live betting, there are scenarios that can benefit the punters. For example, best online sportsbooks tend to update the odds in real-time when a favoured player goes one set down. One of the best tennis betting tips we can provide is to monitor the in-play betting markets and see if it's worth it to place a bet on a player to win even after losing a set. Also, when a highly seeded player goes down 1 or 2 sets down, it offers the punters a chance to wager using improved odds. This means that you can bet on tennis markets with less money, but can offer you greater payouts. In tennis tips and tricks, it’s recommended to keep tabs of the movement of the tennis betting odds during in-play betting.

Putting Your Money on Break of Serve

Another popular in-play bet to play is a break of serve. It’s a risky proposition but one that can pay huge payouts if you’ve made a correct choice. The tennis circuit is dominated by big servers who can control the points. However, there are great returners in the field who can easily put the ball in play. A great example is Roger Federer who has a 67% return rate to the deuce court. Also, Novak Djokovic is an excellent ball returner. Make sure to pay attention to the return rate of the player.

A Few Words About Tennis Surfaces

When creating your own tennis betting tips and strategies, make sure you take into account the playing surface. Tennis is played across surfaces, from clay to hard court, so you also need to follow tips tennis betting suggestions based on the applicable surface. Grass and hard courts are faster while clay slows down the bounce. Some players are better on specific surfaces like Nadal on clay or Federer on the grass.

Plan Your Tennis Bets Starting Today

Betting on tennis is not just selecting a player and making a bet. Responsible betting is more than that; it’s about access to information and an understanding of the best tennis betting strategies and making use of tennis betting tips.

Don’t worry if you’re new to betting. We offer the best Indian sportsbooks reviews so you can fully focus on winning your bets in a safe and responsible manner.