Beginners Guide To Online Roulette


In the world of online casino in India, roulette can be one of the most confusing gaming choices. It comes with multiple numbers, colours, and a world of possibilities. But once you uncover the complex outsides, Roulette is actually a very simple and interesting gaming interface. As a beginner, it is best to start slow and take on bigger bets as you proceed. Here is our beginner’s guide to roulette that will help you get started in the game.

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Understand The Roulette Wheel

Beginners Guide To Play Online RouletteThe most important component of the game is the wheel and understanding the structure of the wheel is of utmost importance. First and foremost, the wheel has 37 numbers going from 1 to 36, including a zero.

In the American version, a double zero is also included which changes the house edge. One important observation here is that the numbers are not listed in a sequence. Instead, they are arranged randomly, but the colours alternate between red and black at every pocket.

Ideally, the croupier spins the wheel in the physical casino. In the online format, the computer does the spinning. Initially, the board of online roulette is kept stationary and it is spun only when you have locked in your bets for this round.

Next up, you will notice that while the wheel spins in one direction, the ball spins in the opposite direction. Depending on your bet and where the ball lands in the wheel, your fate is decided upon in the game.

Understand The Roulette Betting Board And Its Bets

This is where the primary betting activities take place. Similar to the roulette wheel, it has the same set of numbers, only now they are organized in a sequential format, from left to right. Also, the numbers are arranged in three different columns. Placing your chips on the individual numbers will indicate the bet you are placing.

Now, you can engage in different types of betting on the roulette betting board. Instead of betting on a single number, you could place your bet on the columns, or you could bet on the first dozen of numbers, or the second or the third. Another possible betting option here is to focus on the first set of 18 numbers or the second set.

Another interesting option is to opt for the Street bet which allows you to bet on three numbers in a row or the corner bet, where you place your money on the ball landing on one of the four corner numbers.

The split bet requires you to bet on two numbers while the line bet involved betting on six numbers. Initially, it is a better idea to start off with an outside bet with higher odds, and lower payout to get yourself going.

Learn How to Play Roulette: The Rules of Roulette

Online Roulette Rule #1 – Keep The Edge In Mind

While American and European Roulette games are essentially similar in the basic concepts, there are some differences. The most notable one is the house edge here. European Roulette has a house edge of 2.7%. This could prove to be slightly more advantageous for you. In the case of American Roulette, this number is doubled to an unfavourable 5.6%, owing to the extra zero in use. This could prove to be a disadvantage for you. So, as a beginner, it would be a better option to opt for the European Roulette games.

Online Roulette Rule #2 – Manage Your Money Well

As is true for every casino game online, your money needs to be handled extremely carefully and this is especially pertinent for online roulette. The idea here is simple - you need to set a certain limit for yourself and manage your finances accordingly.

It is true that the end rewards are extremely attractive, but do keep in mind that there are huge odds working against you so be careful about not getting carried away in the process. Once you have reached the monetary limit set for yourself, you should quit, irrespective of whether you are losing or winning. This is the best method in use to balance the game and the finances well.

Online Roulette Rule #3 – Maintain Control

This is one of the most important rules of online casino roulette. Staying in control and keeping a calm head is of the essence of the game. The reason for this is the high adrenaline rush that sets in during all of these games. There is one important thing to remember here.

If the ball has been landing on the right pockets for three times in a row and you have been winning, there are high chances that the fourth time proves to be unlucky for you. Even though the wins are enticing, but keeping a stable head is important here. The best solution would be to treat a loss as a loss and move on from there. This is the same for a win as well.

Things To Remember In Roulette

Here are some online roulette rules that could help you stay calm and not get carried away in online casino roulette:

  • The first idea is to remember that this is a game of chance. It is impossible to actually predict the outcome of the next spin.
  • When you start playing, it is advisable to remember that each table comes with a different bet, spanning across outside and inside bets.
  • For any spin of the wheels, you can place multiple bets. And it is often a good idea to spread these bets out in order to stabilize the profits.
  • Payouts differ from one kind of a bet to another. So, it is essential to remember the difference between them. And when it comes to beginners, outside bets are ideal for getting settled in online Roulette.
  • You could employ any roulette strategy, but the point to note is that each spin of the wheels is unique. The result of such a unique event does not depend on the result of the previous spin or the streak you have been having.