Free Play Roulette For Fun In India


Roulette is undoubtedly one of the most prominent and thrilling real money casino games. The chances of winning largely depends on one's strategy. Whether you are a novice or a pro - we have assimilated here some of the best information to help you understand the game. We will also provide you with fruitful tips to help you master it.

Free Online Roulette In India

Play Online Roulette For FreeRoulette is a casino game that was first introduced in France in the 18th century by Dr Blaise Pascal. This game involves betting on the pocket where the ball is expected to land.

The online roulette wheel usually has 37 slots, out of which 36 slots are marked with positive numbers and the remaining one with zero. In some places, the wheel has 38 slots where the only difference is that it has 2 zeros.

Once the game begins, every player is supposed to buy chips in various colours. Chips of different colours are used so that the bets made by the wagers can be easily distinguished. Once the game ends, these colourful chips are replaced by the cash chips. These cash chips also come in multiple colours and denomination i.e., each cash chip has a value marked on it. These cash chips are too common in almost all the casinos.

To play free roulette for fun, every player mentions the slot number he wants to bet on. Once every player has placed the bet, the croupier spins the wheel. The slot where the ball lands, is the winning slot. Now, this game comes with a slight twist as well. The bets are divided into inside and outside bets. The inside bet refers to choosing the exact slot number to bet upon. Whereas, the outside bet enables the player to bet upon a slot range.

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How to Play Roulette For Free And Win

Try New Strategies

As we all know, playing this game is a gamble. Your chances of winning depend on your strategy and luck. It is a game packed with uncertainties.

As you are playing roulette for free, you won't have to spend a fortune. Look for a roulette system that requires no money, has a friendly interface, and always bet on the outside table positions. This way you will be able to try your hands at this game, even if you lose, it won't be a problem.

Observe & Bet On The Outside Positions

Although this game is largely based on luck, with the right roulette gaming strategy, one can gain a good hold over it. One important tip in this content is always bet on the outside positions like Columns or dozens, red-black, high low, odd-even.

Take a Chance On The European Roulette Table

As opposed to the American roulette wheel which has 2 zeros, giving the house an advantage over the players, the European wheel has a single zero. This, in turn, diminishes the chances of the house by 2.63%.

Why Are You Here?

This is probably one very important question that you need to ask yourself - Why are you playing the game? If it is just for time pass, that's a different case altogether. However, if you want to learn to play Roulette, it is essential to focus on how it works. Roulette is a game purely based on luck and is undoubtedly thrilling and exciting. So, its an apt option for players seeking fun for free. 

SureFire Systems

Be careful! Free roulette games for fun never offer certainty in any way. Make yourself familiar with the speed of the software, the position of the buttons, the navigation, and other important aspects. You can do all this without having to spend real money. This is one of the perks of free roulette online.

Grab a Firm Hold On The Game

Keep practising the game, play for free. Once you are aware of all the thick and thins of the game you can start betting with real money.

Look for Reputed Casinos

To keep yourself guarded and prevent any frauds, invest your time and money in playing at good and reputed casinos. If you are playing free roulette for fun, you need to be a little more cautious. Research thoroughly, check their offerings, and if they use a random number generator or not. There is an enormous number of casinos that are operating online. Some of them don’t talk about the software they use openly whereas others do not have a random number generator. Some casinos generate more of the even numbers as compared to the odd ones or vice-versa. So, keep a watch on the table before you start.

Standard Betting Unit

Divide the maximum amount that you are willing to lose in the game by 10 or 20. This is your standard betting unit. In any case, don’t exceed this limit. You may consider dividing this amount among various bets or maybe the complete sum in a single bet.

Keep These Tips Handy

In order to try free roulette online in India and eventually master it, keep these tips at hand, implement them as needed and we hope you can win big!

The above tips will not only help you play free roulette for fun but will also help the advanced players nurture their skills even further. All you need to do is have patience and firm control over your emotions.