Online Sports Betting Guide For Beginners

Are you looking for a professional betting guide to provide you with all the necessary information on how to bet on sports online as a novice in India? Looking for free sports betting tips to improve your betting techniques? We specialise in finding, reviewing and recommending the most reliable and advantageous online sports betting sites that are Indian-friendly and 100% safe to join. We also provide valuable tips and guidelines that will help you place more successful and lucrative bets.

sports betting beginners guideThe features, user interfaces and betting options provided by online sports betting sites have greatly evolved during recent years. The online security systems responsible for protecting bettors' financial information have also been upgraded and continuously perfected, which means your only concern today should be to find a top sportsbook that can match your custom needs.

Some punters prefer smaller markets, others are looking to place bets with competitive odds on the domestic Indian Premier League of Cricket, the Bangalore Turf Club, the Delhi Race Club, the Madras Race Club, Hyderabad, the Kentucky Derby in the US or the Japan Club, to name a few of the most popular sporting events gamblers in India are interested in. Maybe you are looking for a bookie that offers match or race reviews, tips and predictions, weather forecasts and upgraded news in the industry.

We know betting on sports online can sometimes feel overwhelming and not having any sense of direction on what to search for or what to pay attention to could lead to bad results. If you are looking for the best online sportsbooks for punters in India, we advise you to take a look at our freshest recommendations:

How To Bet On Sports: Betting Terms You Need To Know

Bookmakers are the generic name given to entities that accept online bets and offer betting odds.


In sports betting, tips refer to predictions issued by industry experts in regards to future sports events such as games, matches, tournaments or championships.

In-play bets

These are wagers that are placed on a sports fixture such as a game of football that is already in progress. Wagers can continue to be placed up to the finish of the event.


Dividends refer to the amount of money that a bettor will be paid from a successful bet. A winning horse race INR 15 bet at 3.00 odds will bring the punter an INR 45 dividend.

Backing and Lagana

Backing and Lagana in India are interchangeable terms related to betting the fact that a specific outcome during a sports event will happen.

Laying or Khana

Laying or khana In India are similar terms that refer to wagering on a certain outcome during a sports event. When the bettors lay the result, they actually bet against other punters and they the roles of bookmakers. At the same time, this wager can double the dividend in case the punter guesses the right outcome.

Single Bet

A single bet is a sports bet that is placed on just a single market or selection, enabling the punter to make a profit by correctly guessing just one match.

Multi Bet

Multi bets are bets placed on at least two selections in a single bet. If one of the outcomes does not happen, the bettor loses the bet. The odds of a multi-bet are Tote triggered by the product of the individual odds.


Tote betting refers enable punters to wager using certain bet types part of the same pool. The payoff odds are generated by dividing the pool amongst all wagers, after removing the amount that the house will take.


Spread betting refer to betting on whether the outcome of a game will be below or above a certain preset number called the spread. One example here would be whether India will score more or less than 500 runs in an innings.

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Sports Bets Odds Used By Top Sportsbooks Online In India

Another important part of any guide to sports betting is the betting odds' section. Generally speaking, there are three main types of sports betting odds globally used by bookies. At our top online sportsbooks reviews in India you can find the following:

  • Decimal odds

  • Fractional odds

  • American odds

Decimal and fractional odds are popular in India. Decimal odds are the simplest types of odds to work with since they are expressed as decimals like 2.00 or 5.00. In order to find out how much you can expect to win from a bet, you need to simply multiply the bet amount by this number. For an INR 10 bet and a 5.00 decimal odds, the punter will win INR 50 provided their bet's a winner.

Fractional odds, as suggested by their name, come in the form of fractions such as 3/1. A low fraction corresponds to low odds. To know how much you should expect to collect from a winning bet, you should divide the first number in the fraction (3) by the second (1), in the previous example. Multiply the bet's stake by this number and add the stake to the profit.

American odds are either +/- or numbers, with the positive numbers (underdogs) displaying how much will the punter win for every INR 100 he has chosen to stake, and the negative numbers (favourites) displaying the amount a punter must bet in order to win INR 100.

Free Sports Betting Tips Online

If you are new to the scene of online sports betting in India, here are the main steps you will need to follow with any of the top sportsbooks we recommend:

  • Select a good sportsbook using our list of recommendations. Read the professional reviews and look at their ratings, main features, any free bets and welcome offers for newcomers, markets, sports and types of sports bets, odds and customer support available for punters in India. While we struggle to only list bookies that fully embrace Indian Rupees as an accepted currency option, this may not always be possible with all international sportsbooks online. However, you can rest assured that you will come across satisfying alternatives with any of the bookies on our platform.

  • Register your player account using the Join or Register buttons and proceed to carefully fill in the necessary personal information, including your real email and phone number.

  • Make a deposit by selecting your preferred depositing option and redeem any welcome bonus the bookie might be promoting.

  • Make a bet using the betting slip, select the bet amount on the betting slip, look for the most competitive odds and wager on your favourite sports events, then cross your fingers for your bet to be a winning one.

  • Contact customer support for any problems or questions you may have.

Use the information on this brief betting sports guide for Indian bettors to start your journey into the fascinating world of sports bets!