Online Sports Betting Tips and Strategies

While there are lots of sites that promise to disclose secret sports betting tips and tell you how to win sports bets online, few of them can actually live up to their claims. When it comes to the complex and oftentimes confusing world of sports betting in India, finding decent betting advice and efficient betting strategies could prove of great help.

This is where our team comes into the picture. We have carefully compiled some useful of the most relevant information on the Indian online sportsbooks world, together with some clever betting tips and proven strategies. All of them should considerably increase your chance of turning your upcoming bets into a profit.

However, no strategy is flawless or 100% guaranteed to work, but they each have the potential to bring you closer to your goals. Without further ado, here is what our experts believe would to be the best online sportsbooks tips and strategies.

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Make Full Use Of Every Bonus You Can Redeem

Online Sports betting Tips and StrategiesCompetition is fierce when it comes to top sportsbooks that cater to the needs of punters in India and one of the main trends embraced by most bookies is to offer attractive promotions and special bonuses that will attract more bettors to move away from their direct competitors onto their platform.

In other words, punters can expect lots of deposit boosts for their first and subsequent deposits, as well as free bets, no deposit bonus offers and various other incentives. These bonuses allow you to wager on your favourite events without having to risk losing your money. Keep in mind that while you will be limited to signing up for just one account per sportsbook, there is no limit to the number of different bookies you can join - the more, the merrier. As long as they are all trustworthy, verified and offer nice free bet bonuses.

We offer a generous list of the top online sportsbooks reviews that are 100% reliable, safe to join and Indian-friendly. Make your pick from there whenever you want to find a new trustworthy bookie online.

As a side note, please keep in mind that solely betting using the free bonus money will most likely cause your account to get restricted. It's rare, but we have seen it happening, so try to be as active as you can and set up a wagering budget and stay within its limits.

Use In-Play Bets Whenever You Can

Another good strategy of how to win sports bets refers to the use of in-play bets. The strategy requires you to look for the higher odds than you would normally use for a pre-match wager. For example, if the Indian national football team went a goal down against an opposing team that is of an inferior level, the punter can grab a money line market that is a lot higher than it was before the match started. The punter can also wager a smaller amount of cash in exchange for an equal or even a higher return, given that the odds are higher.

Wager Around 1% Of Your Bankroll

Improper bankroll management is one of the primary reasons why so many punters fail to make a profit. It is easy to get nervous or frustrated by the fact that you cannot make a profit by winning your bets, and your natural instincts could tell you to keep placing new bets in an attempt to win some money. Unfortunately, without some strategic thinking, some basic bankroll management tips and a healthy sports betting strategy, you will keep losing.

The rule of thumb when it comes to successful sports betting online is to strive to maintain your bets down to as little as 1% or 2% of the total account balance. While you may be eager to hit a big win all of a sudden or on occasion, it is advisable to instead focus on smaller and more consistent profits, especially since big wins are almost always followed by important losses.

Know that you can readjust your bets by keeping a close eye on any changes along the way, especially when excellent odds will pop up. Nonetheless, keep in mind that 1% or 2% of your total bankroll should become your desiderate when aiming for success in the long term.

The unpredictable character of sports betting, in general, should convince you of the efficiency of this particular strategy. No matter how tempting might be to go big or go home, you should be as disciplined and assertive as you can.

Use Bet Hedging With In-Play Bets

While this is one of the sports betting strategies that tend to be more demanding or more difficult to put into practice, it can also prove to be a highly efficient one in the end.

Let us assume that you would like to place a bet on Manchester United to win an English Premier League game against Chelsea, and you also bet on Man United to win a pre-match wager. Provided the team is to go 1-0 up in the game, you should notice that the markets for Chelsea to win or the two teams to draw will grow by a lot.

This will allow you to hedge your original bet since you will be on track for a Manchester United win while holding on to the thought that the outcome may not occur. This will enable you to wager a smaller amount of money during the in-play bet since the odds are higher than they were prior to the game. You should also get ready to run some calculations to determine how to cover the markets without completely removing a possible profit in case Man City would win.

For best results, try to run some free tests online without wagering any real money. Most of the top sportsbooks for India we recommend will allow you to test this strategy on tennis, basketball or hockey, to name just a few sports.

Strat practising any of these sports betting tips with a smaller balance, choose the best sportsbooks, find the true probability of a wager by looking at the odds and keep going to achieve success in the long run.