Horse Racing Bet Types Of Bets India

Online sports betting sites in India are growing in popularity with every passing month, and much of that is due to the adrenaline rush that gamblers have when they are watching their participant run to victory.

The sport is one of the most famous around the globe, with huge meetings taking place in India, the United Kingdom and the United States every month. This has led to an increased number of horse racing bet types available to gamblers when wagering money on the sport. You can learn about the different types of bets for horse racing right here.

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Most Popular Horse Racing Bet Types

Horse Racing Bet Types IndiaHorse racing betting doesn’t need to be confusing for newcomers, and you will be able to learn about some of the most popular markets and how to bet on horse racing below.

To Win

The most popular betting on horse racing online in India market available is the To Win market. The main reason for its popularity is because of how straightforward this market is to understand. Gamblers will simply place their wager on the horse that they believe will be first past the post. If your selection wins, then you will be awarded the returns. This is one of the best types of bets horse racing available.

Each-way Betting

Another of the horse racing best types of bets is the each-way. Here, gamblers will double the stake that they place on the wager as it will cover the win selection as well as the place. Learning how to win on horse racing with this market is essential. If your each-way selection wins the race, then you will be awarded the highest potential returns.

However, should your horse finish second or third, then you will be paid out at 1/3 odds. Some of the leading horse racing betting sites offer payout on more places for the bigger races during the season. The best horse racing strategies often encourage gamblers to select horses with higher odds on an each-way bet to ensure that profit can be made should the selection finish second or third.

To Place

Those looking at how to bet on horse racing in India should also learn about the To Place market. For this market, gamblers will simply be betting on a horse that will finish in one of the place positions. The sportsbook will determine the number of places available for the race. However, should a race have two places, then the pick that the gambler makes in this market needs to finish either first or second to get the returns.

More Advanced Horse Racing Bet Types

The markets that we have mentioned above are the most straightforward way to place a wager on the upcoming horse racing action. However, you can learn about what bets to use on horse racing online that are more advanced below.

Forecast Betting

If you’re looking for what bets to use on horse racing online in India that can be more profitable, then the Forecast is one of the stand-out selections. For this market, gamblers must correctly predict the horses that cross the line in first and second in the right order. The returns will only be awarded to the gambler if they correctly predict the winner of the race as well as the horse that finishes in second place.

Tricast Betting

The hardest bet type available to gamblers is the Tricast, where gamblers will need to correctly predict the winner, second place and third. All three selections have to be correct in order to win the returns from the bet. However, as you would expect, the odds for this market are much higher than the To Win market. Gamblers will need to do extensive research before making a wager on this market.

Reverse Forecast/Tricast

As well as the straight Forecast and Tricast, there is also the option for gamblers to make Reverse Forecast and Reverse Tricast bets. The main difference with this market is that the horses selected don’t need to come in any particular order. That means that if you select one horse to finish first in a forecast, but your other selection wins, then you will still be awarded the returns.

Insurance Betting

The insurance betting market is an extremely popular option for gamblers looking to bet on jumps racing, as the stake that is made for bets on this market will be returned should the horse selected not finish the race. The odds in this market are shorter than you will find in the To Win, To Place and Each-Way markets.

Understanding Horse Racing Betting Odds

It goes without saying that one of the most important aspects that newcomers to sports betting must understand before making a wager is the odds. The odds can be displayed in various different layouts, including fractional, decimal and American. Every bettor is different regarding what they find easiest to read.

However, with decimal and fractional, the shorter the number, the better chance that the horse has of winning the race. For instance, a horse valued at 2/1 will have a better chance of winning than a horse valued at 10/1. Meanwhile, American odds are slightly different. The ‘-‘ before the price would indicate the favourite, while horses with ‘+’ illustrate profit. For example, a horse valued at -135 will be considered to have a better chance of winning a race than a horse valued at +180.